The Wife Episodes 12 – 15 Recap and Review | Dokotela uyaphapha🎵🎼🎶

The Wife episodes 13-15 on @showmaxonline was alright, no fireworks.

The annoying brother shot in episode 12 is alive and kicking. Loose mouth and all. How Hlomu hasn’t put 2 and 2 together is beyond me.

Mqhele and Hlomu got home to find a total disaster, his brothers removing a bullet from umaqinase. His disappearence during their last job, in which they got robbed caused his brothers to suspect him. To make things worse, he bought a new mini cooper for Hlomu. Qhawe had Mqhele’s back in this episode, so glad the beef between them is now history. Siblings ought to understand that we are all we’ve got in each other, especially when the parents are no longer alive.

Mqhele proposes to Hlomu at the taxi rank, where they first met. Whilst the Zulu brothers were out being romantic, Majola’s sons set the Zulu house alight. Not Nkosana sacrificing his own safety going inside a burning house to retrieve a bag full of cash. Imagine if all heirs took their responsibilities that seriously.

Things seem to be going well for the Majola brothers with new taxis and all. I am not sure if they have what it takes to win this war but time will tell. Vilakazi’s days as head of the taxi association are numbered, you cannot serve multiple masters at the same time. He’s juggling too many balls, which might backfire sooner than he thinks.

Hlomu goes home (where she’d been banished from in episode 12) for umemulo and Sandile the doctor is there acting like a mkhwenyana and wasting his hard earned money, only to be humiliated by odado bakaZulu with a backpack full of rolls of cash.

Money always manages to soften even the hardest of hearts.
Hlomu got her dad’s blessing to marry Mqhele because “he said he won’t do it again”! We’re never going to end GBV in this country, are we? 🙆🏿

I can’t wait for lobola negotiations. They mustn’t leave Nqoba out of the delegation.

It was heartwarming to see Hlomu’s mom putting makeup on Langa. We need to see narratives of black parents embracing who their children are.

The time is fast approaching when Hlomu would have to choose between her seemingly flourishing, promising career and this new family of hers. I know what I would choose, in her shoes.

These eventful episodes make me wish that they could stretch the story a bit. Umemulo came too soon, I would have loved to see Langa and mom beg Bab’Dladla to forgive Hlomu or the Zulu brothers talking to Mqhele to stop beating women up… But ke🤷🏾

I still maintain that a conversation needs to be had about GBV and the glamorization if not normalization of it in this show. I keep on checking if Sonke gender justice has broken the silence yet and nothing. Lawyers against abuse, please take this opportunity and teach our people, enlighten the nation about the unacceptability of GBV in all its forms.

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