The Wife Episodes 16-18 Recap and Review

The Wife Episodes 16-18, everything culminated into a disastrous episode 18.Did you see the portrait of Zandile in the new house? I can’t wait to see Khanyi Mbau and Nkosana together!I am not sure how to feel about Nkosana’s autocratic leadership. Nqoba expressed exactly what I would feel if I was made to donate all my earnings for someone else’s wedding. But then again I didn’t see Nqoba running into the fire with Nkosana and Mqhele, so perhaps this gesture was justified.

Mandisa being compared to Hlomu was totally unfair. Also, how you treat your girlfriend will tell your family how they should treat her too. Nqoba has no respect for Mandisa and vice versa honestly, zero effs are given both sides.

Hlomu finally connected the dots and could make an informed decision, which she did. I don’t know if it’s love or fear that has the upper hand here. The wedding went ahead!

Personally, if you raise a hand at me, I’m out. I wouldn’t have waited to have a gun pointed at me. That hungry kid literally saved the day.

It may have been Hlomu’s wedding but Langa stole the show! The makers of this show are rushing through this Hlomu/Mqhele story and missing opportunities to expand the story and give a bit more meat to the bones.

The younger brothers wondering about their family history and the fires that seem to follow them was an important part of the story. It can’t be easy, living without a foundation and not allowed to ask questions about who you are and where you come from and what happened in your childhood.

I can’t wait to see Zandile the resolute! #thewifeshowmax #hlomuthewife #zandiletheresolute

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