The Wife Episodes 19 – 21 Review | Mbuba Village

Ladies and gentlemen, herewith my thoughts on The Wife episodes 19-21.

The Wife Episode 19 opened with Mqhele waking up in bed alone. For the first time since the series started, I wished that they could deviate from the books and for Hlomu to break free. The note she left him was so primary school, it made me think of how tore up our jotters would look just a month into the school year, every year.

The things some women are willing to endure supposedly in the name of love are beyond me. Hlomu’s favorite color must be red, for all the red flags she ignores. Perhaps she’s color blind🤔

As an apology to Mahlomu for pointing guns at her on her wedding day, the Zulu bros decide that they are going back home to Mbuba to rebuild their childhood home.

Is anybody else annoyed that Dlakadla, the Majola and the Zulu brothers are all from the same village in KZN? I mean KZN is huge! It shares borders with Eastern Cape, Lesotho, Mozambique, Eswatini, Mpumalanga and Free State but all these people are from Mbuba…not Wembezi, Bhobhoyi, Ngome, Nkandla or Ncalu? Wow!

These episodes were painful to watch. If it weren’t for the ‘Jozi accents’, it would have been so believable. The little dudes and their parents are good actors. The mother choosing her husband over the kids is counter intuitive to say the least. Maybe it’s this self-sacrificing tendency that makes Hlomu, makoti of the year in their eyes.

That horrible sex scene had me triggered. And Hlomu telling herself to just be strong made me mad. I don’t care what you are going through in life, taking it out on your wife (especially in a sexual way) is not the solution. That is GBV!!! Let women willingly consent to rough sex, don’t just use them as punching bags. That goes for izesulamsizi too, some people use women to cleanse (topic for another day). It’s toxic stereotypes about marriage and the bekezela brigade that won’t let women live their best lives who help normalize abuse of women in our society.

You have to admire the unity amongst the brothers though, in spite of the personality differences. I wish all families could learn to pull together and yield to each other. We can’t all be leaders all the time, some of us must follow sometimes. Being a follower shouldn’t mean not having a voice. It also should not be misunderstood as stupidity.

I also felt that the issue of ‘the struggle for liberation’ and the role of gun smugglers in the struggle needs to be expanded on. The unintended consequences is what ultimately got the Zulus killed according to these episodes. The side agenda is the reason hundreds of people lost their lives in KZN in the 80s and early 90s, I’m glad to have survived but to be honest, there needs to be some way to get people to heal from all that killing and violence of that era.

Here’s a snippet of what’s coming up next on the show:

When are black folks reconciling with each other? The UKZN Healing of Memories program by Prof Philip Dennis was a great initiative, I wish the KZN and Gauteng Provincial government could organize the program to be rolled out in all the areas where people were massacred directly or indirectly by the apartheid government for their political views, affiliations and activism.

On that serious note, I wanna wish you a merry Christmas and a great new year ahead. May you find the courage to pursue whatsoever you wish in 2022.


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