The Wife Episodes 22-24 Review | The big ambush – Majola Brothers strike back

Zulu traditional weddings are all about inyongo (bile juice) nomabo, not cake, decor, speeches and attires. I have to thank the people of stained glass tv for giving respect to Zulu tradition in this respect. So many times we get invited to traditional weddings, only to find that it’s just a party.

The Wife Episodes 22-24 on Showmax left me heartbroken for Sambulo and angry about Mvelo and Mpande. Why couldn’t it be Mqoqi, Mandisa and Lerato catching bullets?

The building of their beautiful home was quick hey. That heist-money gets things done! I wouldn’t trust my enemies to recommend a contractor for the construction of my home though. Nkosana treated the Majola brothers according to his own heart and not their vengeful, deceitful hate-filled hearts.

Sambulo is a completely different person when he is with Jabu. A mooshy teddy bear. I wish we had seen more of their relationship. I hope retrospectively they will show us how they met, when she got introduced to Hlomu, etc.

Bitter Mandisa’s pot-stirring annoyed me to the max. Her issue is with Nqoba basically but she projects it to Hlomu and is hell-bent on destroying her relationship with Mqhele. Not that Mqhele needs anyone’s help wrecking his marriage.

Being the matriarch of the family, Hlomu had to run around preparing for her own wedding, when she was supposed to be back home, eating umncamiso and chilling with the women of the bekezela brigade.

Hlomu’s father giving her a bag full of cash (her dowry, basically) to make a run for it, should she need to, was the sweetest, most heartbreaking thing to witness. It’s totally something that I could do in her father’s position.

Hlomu didn’t even get time to ponder on her father’s gesture before the ambush by the Majola brothers. I can’t wait to see Sambulo wipe them out once and for all.

Season 2 promises to be lit! We are rushing through the story so much, I just wish we could have filler episodes of the things that haven’t been shown like lobola negotiations, construction, Hlomu bonding with the kids, Mqhele’s baby momma…

The action and acting were on point as usual. These people are damn good at their craft! 24 episodes in, I’m still hooked.

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