Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4 Reunion Part 3 Review

LAMH Original cast

After watching the disgraceful manner in which Tisha’s mom behaves, I was disappointed on how the show has just become trashy. OWN should seriously consider dropping it, it has become too toxic for my liking.

Thank God my mom wasn’t a nosey person, I can’t imagine fighting your daughter’s former friend’s mother over something that doesn’t even concern you one bit.

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4 Reunion Part 3 was still about Mel and to some lesser degree Martel. He tried to grab attention whenever he could. I can’t imagine how being married to each other must have felt like for the Holts. Their negativity is so repulsive.

The Scott ladies and their forced friendship πŸ™„ ugh. I feel like, if you are not vibing well with someone, you should just leave them alone. Latisha is so needy and Kimmi is clearly over it. Talking about ‘if they were not family, they wouldn’t be friends’ reminded me of Toni Braxton.

When Destiny and Tiffany were trying to address their issues, why did Mel jump in? Why does she feel the need to shelter Tiffany? I hope when she gets to watch the reunion part 3 episode, she will be able to see what Destiny’s been complaining about all along.

I didn’t know the tea about a relationship between Mel’s mom and Marsau’s brother, which Marsau confirmed matter of factly. Marsau suddenly becoming transparent was something elseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The truth shall set you free brother!

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