The Wife on Showmax Episodes 25-27 Review

The wine and grief-induced truce between Mandisa and Hlomu warms my heart!

What an emotional ending to season 1 of The Wife on @showmaxonline. I don’t know why I am not hopeful for episodes 28-30 next week.

Episodes 25-27 dropped this morning and I swear it was like I was in an onion-cutting factory. Ukubingelela inxiwa ngeshluku esinje pho? Did they even spiritually cleanse their parents? Can @stainedglasstv1 please show us a scene where they at least discuss such.

I don’t deal well with grief and the impeccable acting was so convincing that for a second my mind wandered into the painful things that we try so hard to suppress because of the debilitating pain it evokes. People say and do things in anger and grief that can’t be taken back or reversed. How do you start the healing process if the words that were said in anger still pierce the heart and hurt so much?

Anyway, somebody please give Zikhona Sodlaka her flowers already. She killed her role as Mandisa. The backstory to Mandisa is heartbreaking. She had family in her life when it was time to accept lobola and damages but one has to wonder how she ended up living a rough life of prostitution. Where was her so called family then?

Jabu’s parents, grief-stricken as they were didn’t need to take it out on Sambulo. That just compounded his pain and grief.

Mqhele’s way of dealing with pain though! I hope none of my married friends are going through such abuse and enduring for the sake of being married. Why is Hlomu so determined to stay in an abusive relationship? What would possess a woman to make herself a sacrificial lamb?

Nqoba’s turn to lead has come. His instincts are sharp and on point. Nkosana needs to step back and mourn his son. Zandile’s absence can’t be easy for him. The Zulu brothers need to stop trusting and relying on outsiders. I can’t wait for Nqoba and Sambulo to take the reigns and avenge the family, since Nkosana is now talking peace and reconciliation.

The hugging between brothers and the support they gave each other was wonderful to watch. South African actors and actresses are super talented. I still feel like the writing could be improved. No amount of talent in an actor can make up for a weak storyline. If we took writing seriously in this country, we could achieve great things in the storytelling side of things.

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