The Wife on Showmax Episodes 28-30 Recap & review | More deaths

The underwhelming episodes 28-30 of The Wife on showmax dropped this morning.

In a nutshell, Vilakazi aka Dlakadla is dead. Nkosana didn’t even flinch when he shot him. Zandile is mad that it took Nkosana two weeks after the funeral to muster the courage to tell her about Mvelo’s passing. With the whole saga dominating the news, somehow inmates didn’t spread the news. Okay that’s believable. I was happy to see Khanyi though!

Zandile wants to be released from prison ASAP. The Zulu brothers have raised R65 million so far, the commissioner wants his R80m in full. The unnecessary affair between Nqoba and the commissioner’s wife was totally unnecessary but it demonstrates the shenanigans that go on with these high profile individuals.

Hlomu forgot to apply for a visa and went partying with her twin and friends. She then discovered that she was pregnant but before she could break the news to Mqhele, he beat the pregnancy off her. Told her he loved her as he washed the blood off his hands.

Mahlomu believing that Mqhele will never beat her up again, just because he promised is so naive. At least they put a GBV warning/ disclaimer this time. We need to engage about this #GBV problem deeper and more seriously. Are you ready for that conversation fam?

I am so ready for Naledi and Zandile stories, to be honest this Hlomu/Mqhele storyline is trash.

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