The Wife on Showmax Episodes 34-36 Review| Zyakhala kuMqhele

Speak to any Zulu guy with older brothers and they will tell you that the best way to discipline a person is to beat them up. Trying to convince them of other options is pointless. Babomncane tells me this all the time and says we coddle our brothers too much, they just need a good beating.

The Wife on @showmaxonline delivered episodes 34-36 as per usual on Thursday morning and it was a step up from last week’s nonsense. The time-wasting granny and grandpa storyline is still there, for what good reason, nobody knows.

This series should have been titled “the brothers”. The Zulu brothers are always reminding us how family should look out for each other. Qhawe and Nqoba came through for the family. Qhawe by exposing Mqhele’s Baby Jake tendencies and Nqoba for gifting Nkosana the cash required to set Zandile free.

The editing was on pointđź‘Śwhen Hlomu and Sandile were being intimate whilst Mqhele was receiving his punishment. Hlomu finally got her sweet revenge.

Sandile made sure to mark his territory with love bites. I am shocked that Mqhele saw Hlomu and Sandile kissing and didn’t get enraged. He is finally growing or perhaps he is scared that his brothers will shambok him all over again.

Real talk though, with all the money Hlomu got from her father, a miscarriage would have been a turning point for many women. She is staying with her monster of a husband not because of money (she has a job, money and no children). Why is she making herself a doormat? What is she getting in return? Perhaps the question shouldn’t be directed at Hlomu but @stainglasstv1. The love story we have seen is not convincing.

Mandisa burning the millions in January nogal was hard to watch yho. I need that money myself. What Xhosa woman burns a stash of cash like that? Millions? I do not buy this storyline! She wanted to go to Swaziland. Nqoba could have just given her R10k for her “Bhuti Ringo” concert.

I have a problem with how Nqoba treats Mandisa. She’s disrespected and disregard. She needs to learn how to channel her anger.

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