My take on The Wife on Showmax Episodes 38-40| Prison Break

I can’t wait to see Khanyi Mbau and Mondli Makhoba deliver couple goals on season 2

Greetings to all of you who take your time to read and watch my posts, I truly appreciate you.

I’m so fed up with this story, I actually waited until loadshedding at 16h00 to watch it. They took sis Dudu’s book and butchered it so callously.

I wish I had never read the books. I envy the people who are seeing this story with a fresh eye and not comparing it with the book.

The Wife Episodes 38-40 on @showmaxonline filler scenes are so annoying, why can’t they be about the past. Show us some childhood memories of the main characters or something @stainedglasstv1. Please remove the gogo and mkhulu characters next season, it’s enough 🙆🏿

Nqoba defending and protecting Mandisa after she did the unspeakable (& unquleble) of firstly burning the moola and then killing the commissioner’s wife was sweet to watch. When he tried to beat up Mqhele, I felt his conviction about not raising a hand to a woman.

Mandisa is not appreciated for the things that she does for the family. I think that the storyline has been consistent in showing the audience how she’s disregarded. It’s probably because of how she and Nqoba met. She doesn’t make the best decisions yena overall nje.

Drunk Hlomu was executed perfectly, Mbali can act guys! I found myself being a bit judgmental and apathetic towards her and the pain that she has subjected herself to. The wine and knife on either hands were perfect props. Good job to the team. Hlomu’s holier than thou image and status is officially over. It’s 2 down, 5 to go on the 7 men she asked Mqhele about, in front of all the brothers 😂

I found myself feeling sorry for Mqhele when he realized that the blood he had on his hands after beating Hlomu was because of the miscarriage that he had caused. He broke his own heart. Kuthiwa ohlaba eyakhe akakhuzwa (if you kill your own children, nobody will stop you).

Hlomu doing the nasty with Qhawe threw me and it was so uncomfortable to watch. We didn’t need to see Kwenzo’s dark bums, yho hhai bakithi and all the feathers on the bed…

So glad the person who caught Hlomu and Qhawe was Langa.

The biggest heist of the season went without a hitch! Zandile is out, prison break style.

This is my 2 cents worth y’all!

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