The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 2 Review| Thobile’s debut

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 2| Another event #RHODurbanS2E2 #RHODurban

It seems like a continuation of Season 1, with each episode being an event of sorts.

Who told production that we’d be interested in Nonku’s parents’ issues? Mina, I want to see less mom Queen and more Thobile Mseleku, don’t know about other people.

Imagine LaConco, Londie, Mabusi and Thobile chilling together bezikhininda bezithamunda ngoMageba…🕯️SBWL those types of scenes.

Tweeps were so mean about the scene of Thobile with Musa eMzumbe, to the point of dissing her decor and her serving Musa juice on a tray. The perception that rural women don’t deserve certain things is so outdated. I think as much as people have signed up for reality tv, they remain human beings with feelings and dignity, which should be respected.

Annie and Nonku are really not getting along and LaConco’s comment about Annie’s cake decoration being a good representation of the energy she gives off was spot on. That cake was a mess.

Sorisha must own her shade this season. This thing of Nonku-inspired cake decoration was shady af. Jojo shaded Londie’s #fame and was unapologetic about it, that’s what Sorisori should do.

The complaints about isiZulu is ridiculous and very telling, in my opinion. I mean, these ladies have had black nannies, gardeners, maids, school mates, colleagues who speak isiZulu all their lives. Why haven’t they learned the language?

Speaking of isiZulu, LaConco is really opening up to the other cast members. I think I’m going to love this friendship she’s developing with Londie, hopefully ukuphapha won’t get in the way. The question about Jojo’s tattoos was hilarious 😂, it left me wondering 🤔

Mabusi and LaConco’s friendship seems to have deepened and they are both so calm and mature. I like it.

I can’t wait to see how they receive MaKhumalo Mseleku into their circle.

Until next week, cheers 🥂

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