The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 3| Black Tie Boredom

The chopped up Episode 3 of Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 dropped this morning at 5am. Whose idea was this 5am crap @showmaxonline, midnight worked fine last year. Why fix what’s not broken?

The editing of the little scenes wasn’t to my liking. At the sip and see, MamakaLondie with her little speech was so cringe, there’s nothing wrong with speaking your Mageba Mama.

LaConco showered the baby with Randela’s! Ingane iyakhungwa, I am surprised that Nonku didn’t bring any money for the baby. It’s our culture after all. Jojo offered for her hubby to serve the ladies, which is not how Zulus operate. That created a bit of friction between her and LaConco.

Jojo’s annoyance with LaConco and LaConco dissing Thobile caught me by surprise, angifuni ukungasho. Jojo dissed LaConco’s mint water and salad (yes, I caught that shade!). LaConco has a beautiful home though 👌

As usual everyone was eager to know who LaConco is dating and who she’d bring to the blacktie event. This obsession is not making sense to me. I had secretly hoped for her to make Mabusi her plus one.

Annie and Nonku tried to have a come to Jesus after their uneventful, down right boring paintball shooting sketch but both are not really ready to let this petty little beef go just yet. To be honest, I prefer this squabble to mama Jack, the queen and her outrageous costumes.

I am not sure how Thobile is going to integrate herself into this group. I feel like the lateness/ grand entrance at her black tie event was off putting and over the top. I hope LaConco’s relationship with MaYeni is not going to interfere with Thobile’s Housewives journey.

We saw very little of Sorisha this week. She has no storyline vele. So far, we’ve had 4 events. We must just accept that the Durban franchise is structured this way. Looking forward to more events.

Until next week, ciao!

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