The Wife on Showmax Season 2 Episodes 1-3 Review

Zandile the Resolute about to be butchered by @Stainedglasstv1, We’ll watch and complain as usual.

The Wife Season 2 lackluster Episodes 1-3 dropped at 5am today.

Zandile resumes (or at least tries to) her duties as the matriarch of the Zulu family. The kids don’t remember her. I don’t know if I would like Zandile if the role was being played by anybody else. I love me some Khanyi Mbau!

The story is no longer about Hlomu and Mqhele’s relationship, thank God. The attitude Zandile is giving Hlomu and the ganging up with Mandisa against Hlomu is so familiar. Relationships between omakoti unfortunately are oftentimes like this. Would it kill women folk to support each other and be grateful if someone has stepped up to raise your children in your absence?

If Mandisa is such a good friend, why didn’t she raise Zandile’s children?

Anyway, Qhawe’s still pining for Hlomu and I can’t wait for Naledi to come into his life. I am gonna try to forget about Zandile the resolute, the book and just enjoy the show.

The sex scenes were over the top as usual. I have no desire to see people’s body parts at 5 in the morning, ake nime kancanešŸ‘Ž. Thank you for being here to hear my two cents worth. Until next week, keep well.

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