The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 4 Review| Mama Queen vs Annie

The queens of Durban

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 4 had no other mcimbi except for the black tie, polygamy mess.Why did Thobile keep people waiting for hours on end at the black tie event? Why couldn’t she just tag along with Jojo and Sorisha to Nonku’s party or to Jojo’s sip and see?Vivian and Musa already know each other. Question: why is Vivian so close to some well-known polygamists? What did LaConco say to Sorisha when they introduced konje? Glad we got to see Sorisha’s life this week, 2 toilets and all. I also want my own toilet yazi.Thobile and Sorisha’s dog walking was so awkward, when she sent Thobile to go get the stroller from the house, it felt like she was demeaning her. Sorisori must take Thobile under her wings hle.I’m getting trophy wife vibes from Kgolo and Annie’s body language and conversations yazi. When Kgolo didn’t translate for Annie, I was kinda surprised. Isn’t that how they do it at gatherings with extended family? 🤔It all made sense when he told her that she has to learn isiZulu. I would think that is something people discuss before saying their “I Do”s. Had LaConco been the one suggesting that Annie must learn isiZulu, people would’ve been up in arms. Annie would have been on some, “but you are not anybody’s wife.. “Jojo came through with the “shut up” when Nonku was busy generalizing. Nonku sounded drunk yazi. I quite enjoyed the quad biking scenes and the come to Jesus that Jojo and Nonku had in Hillcrest. Both have experienced abusive men and are not shy to share about it. I forsee a deep friendship brewing here!Was so excited to see Mabusi being introduced to Londie but the “I know your man from the streets” comment shattered my dreams of a fun trio, which I want so badly. LaConco explained that she’s not friends with Thobile and that Thobile giving her a cold shoulder at Vuma FM is the reason she’s not amuzed by her onscreen sweetness. Reminds me of what MaYeni once said about people putting on a show for the cameras.Londi needs a storyline & to not be dragged into Annie’s messiness. Mama Queen is a full cast member at this point🙆I hope Kgomotso is invited to the Halloween party, I wanna see umfazi kaOdwa bakithi😂

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