The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 5 Review| Halloween by Mrs KG Icon, the Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 5 was lit!

I have decided to accept Mom Queen as a cast member of the show. This however doesn’t or rather shouldn’t make her fair game, she’s an elder. Annie saying that she doesn’t need a costume for Halloween, she can just come as herself was offensive af.

Speaking of Annie, how long is she gonna pretend to not know isiZulu hhenina? I wasn’t amused by how they made a mockery of their isiZulu lesson. It was a clear depiction of how they regard Zulu people and culture. No one will call them out on it because we have accepted the status quo.

Mrs Icon was sure to mention Odwa the minute cameras started rolling. She did a great job with Sorisha’s party though. She looked so uncomfortable around the ladies.

I loved Mabusi’s entrance. She just mustn’t go back to being Nonku’s schmuck. I beg o!

Londie is so shady though😂😂😂, athi LaConco came to the Halloween party as Schotho🙄. Had the comment been from LaConco to someone else, tweeps would have called her a bully. Whatever comment she makes is judged differently. I think that perhaps people are confusing her for her baby daddy.

Thobile may have found a friend in Nonku😂, but I honestly don’t think it would last. They had a lunch and guess what they discussed, her polygamous marriage 🙄. She came to the Halloween party in regular clothes and everybody else had made the effort to adhere to the theme. She looked like a fish out of water.

I enjoy LaConco and Londie’s confessionals. UJoji noMageba had me in stitches yho. Mom Queen and LaConco could become great friends yazi, omnye is young trying to act ols omnye is old, trying to fit in with the youngins, crazy outfits and all.

Annie has a stylist😂😂😂. I’m guessing he’s our Phupho for this season! Sorisha uses pot stirrers & remains squicky clean. Why was Annie the one in charge of the “Truth or dare” game? And who told her to expose Nonku as S’fiso’s groupie? 👀

Did y’all catch that “iqaba” has been used to describe both Ayanda and S’fiso by Nonku on this show? 🤔 Nonku needs to focus on her healing but before she realizes that, she remains the gift that keeps on giving. Reality tv gold!

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