The Wife on Showmax Season 2 Episodes 4-6| Snoozefest

The Wife on Showmax Season 2 Episodes 4-6 was underwhelming. If mediocre was a show…

I struggled with this post because I made a promise to review the whole season but I also don’t want to write negativity. On the other hand, I don’t want to fake positivity where there’s none so, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Prof Schulze, my Hydrology lecturer drilled it into my head that I should follow through and meet deadlines, no matter how uninspired I am. He also taught me SA water law, computer modeling, ACCRU, SCS, LOG Gumble, etc. Just FYI. My point is that I listened and learned a lot from the man, both academically and personally. His voice haunts me when I don’t feel like doing something.

Back to the show:
The Zulu brothers were arrested then released, whilst in jail, the woman replacing Zandile in prison grew exasperated by Nkosana’s failure to honor his part of the deal and now wants out.

Majola brothers failed to take back the chairpersonship of the taxi association, which is now in Nqoba’s hands. Nkosana’s now free to play happy families with Zandile and the kids. I was irritated that he was not prioritizing Nomusa’s family.

Zandile’s still not liking Hlomu and Mqoqi also seems to dislike Hlomu in solidarity. Hlomu is pregnant and had to tell Mqhele before the beating started. Ladies, do we really want to be with overgrown boys who can’t process their feelings like reasoning adults?

I wasn’t tickled by the hospital scenes of Qhawe coveting Mahlomu and the fact that it’s not even in the book irks me nje. Can Naledi come already.

Nqoba’s antics makes the show bearable. Zikhona and Abdul can act though and they bring their characters to life. I’m very close to quiting this show, I can’t waste my daytime data on this nonsense.

That’s my two cents worth folks, I’m not promising a post for next week. Just saying.

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