Mnakwethu Happily Ever After Season 2 | Witchcraft and parents

Mnakwethu Happily Ever After Season 2 up to episode 8. I’m here for the Shelembe women🙌!I decided that I will do this last review and just play it by ear from now on. This is trashy television at its best and one can’t help but feel embarrassed for watching it.I am worried about young Zulu women in KZN. We can’t just ignore the toxicity that they are subjected to routinely. The young woman having a baby by Gezane (who openly admitted that he is a peadophile) and uttering the words “I am happy that I have borne him a boy child…”Mbeje and Qondanisa using love potions to “strengthen” their relationships is no different from guys spiking women’s drinks in clubs or preying on drunk girls, disabled women and children!Mbeje’s father killed me with his questions to his mthakashana of a son. Oh that old man is fun to watch. He didn’t condemn the use of the love potion though.Even Qondanisa visited 3 seconds to get muthi to use on his wives, citing Diaz and Samantha as the reason but I suspect MaMchunu building a house without him also prompted this action. He can see that he’s slowly losing her. Women, you are on your own.Bheki disrespecting not only his father but MaShelembe’s family and his inability to see his faults was the last straw for me. He blames social media for the things that he caused with his nsika. MaShelembe wanting nothing to do with this bum gives me pleasure and the support her mom gives her is what all women deserve from their mothers, not the ‘bekezela mntanami’ nonsense that is so common in our society. There’s hope for women folk after all.For now, I am taking a break from this madness yabo Dulas and company.

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