The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 6| Intervention gone wrong

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 6 dropped this morning and right off the bat Thobile and LaConco met. The editing let us down here unfortunately, I think @letitrainfilms is instigating drama with this choppy editing.

Thobile was expecting to have a good time, whereas LaC wanted to get to the bottom of what happened at Vuma FM, which MaKhumalo “doesn’t remember” at all. πŸ€”

LaConco had a workout session with Londie & briefed her about Thobile’s supposed amnesia. That workout looked kick ass.

Annie gathered her minions to plan Nonku’s intervention. The naivete of the 2 newbies to confront a person they barely know about her drinking πŸ™„. Nonku came red eyed and all. She did not take the intervention kindly and let them know in no uncertain terms. Mrs London as Jojo calls her needs to learn to stop involving herself in shady situations.

Sorisha showed us her fabulous shoe and bags closet, when Thobile went to visit her. Later she hosted Thobile and Musa. Viv was there this time and Thobile remembered that she she’s a bubble person πŸ™„. She came into the show for proximity to Sorisha and Viv, now that it’s done I wouldn’t mind if she exited. Hhai kabi!

Siya’s Life Coaching session with Nonku became about the queen and her ex husband. Again, why are we made to watch this? Could have given us more from Thobile and LoConco scene instead.

Jojo hosted a pool party and as per usual, LaC was first to arrive. Loved the pow wow between her and Londie. Jojo and Londie caught up the other ladies about the intervention flop before a πŸ”₯ HOT Nonku made her entrance.

Petalgate happened and saw Annie and Nonku hating on LaConco. #jealousy. Londie announced the group trip to Nambiti hills! MaKhumalo arrived amid the excitement and had to be caught up about it. I honestly think that she’s given a wrong call time for the group events. Why else would she come late? Could she be pulling an Ayanda Ncwane perhaps? πŸ‘€

I am looking forward to the trip, it promises to be lit!

Until next week, ciao!

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