Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 7| Air vs Road

The wives plus Londi
The spinsters

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 girls trip to Nambiti didn’t start off on a good note for some.

For context, Ladysmith is about 3-4 hours drive from Durban. How people can get stuck for 5 hours is beyond me! If production instigated it, I would be disappointed because it didn’t give us any usable content really.

Mabusi had brought a cooler box, the girls should have just partied it up. Having traveled the 8 of our 9 provinces extensively, I know a thing or two about car troubles and other things that do go wrong on a road trip. Having the right mix of travel companions is key to making the trip drab or fab!
Margaret and I once lived on bags of ice for a week (because someone delayed travel advances on purpose to inconvenience certain individuals at work) in sunny Limpopo but ended up having so much fun though.

The married ladies got to fly to Mnambithi thanks to uncle Viv and then boom, Londi dropped the bomb that only Sorisha and Thobile were getting rooms at the lodge along with her and the nanny. She got shaded about not being able to pull strings😂😂😂

When the spinsters finally arrived, no welcome drinks were served. Londi hit them with the bad news of Lions Valley, which is only 32km from Nambiti hills. Tired and defeated as they looked, there were NO chilled face cloths for them either… 🙄

The show had to go on, and they got ready for the pj party.
@letitrainfilms is shaaaady🌲🌳 uMrs Mseleku thought she was sexy af laphayana! Londi said something about expecting LaConco to wear cotton, not satin🤔😔

The spinsters were still mad about not being chosen to fly with the married ladies and Sorisha successfully defended herself with a bit of sass added in.

Jojo is obsessed with Nonku yazi, even told her parents about her😂. She’s got so much airtime in this episode. She shaded Annie about being ambitious in decorating her house, and then she annoyed me with her clowning during the isiZulu lesson.

Jojo is starting to annoy me manje. Nonku is trying to carry this show all by herself & then Jojo tells her to shut up. She wasn’t even talking to her 🙄

Mabusi’s bringing us tea next week, I hope😜
What’s the word on the streets girl?

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