Xenophobia, Afrophobia, Operation Dudula| How do we move forward?

By uunpacking the problem /issue first, duh! πŸ™„

Not so easy to do, with all this walking on eggshells, tiptoe dancing of political correctness and avoiding being labeled the ‘x’ word.

This ppainful reminder of our past should never be erased from memory.

Frankly, I’m so tired of people acting like they don’t know where our issues stem from in this country. (In a nutshell) Apartheid through Group Areas Act and other policies saw darkies being condemned to places like Alex, piled on top of each other, with minimal resources. The crabs in a bucket mentality has been cultivated successfully and over many generations.

What happens when you increase the number of poor people in an under-resourced area, where there’s already competition for the scarce resources? What exactly did we expect would eventually happen?You must check our well off African brothers and sisters in Sandton, Fourways, Waterkloof, Pretoria East, Umhlanga… Nobody is bothering them.

Why not? Nobody’s perceiving them as a threat to anyone’s means of survival. In fact, bluntly put, they are providing jobs and other blessings to South Africans. They are a means to earning a living.

Am I being xenophobic by explaining what we all have observed and should understand by now? Why is this topic taboo? How are we ever going to resolve this if talking about it is not allowed?

#OperationDudula #PutSouthAfricaFirst came about because of the SAn government blue ticking citizens when they voice their concerns and labeling their demands as xenophobic.

Let’s try putting ourselves in the shoes of both groups and objectively consider both sides, and their respective plights. Dismissing one group, whilst siding with another will further exacerbate the situation.

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