Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 8 Review | Sfiso said what now?!

Hands up if you feel that the content from the Nambiti trip was boring. From the episode you’d think that the ladies went out there to be catty and mean to each other and no fun was had whatsoever. I don’t know who’s editing (I could look it up but don’t feel like it) this show this season and what their agenda is but me no likey!

There’s a pattern on Twitter that I am getting sick off, of painting LaConco as a bully and absolving Nonku of any and all wrongdoings. Saying Jojo is spoiled when she’s feeling guilty about leaving her hubby unwell at home was mean-spirited in my view. Saying she delayed Nothile’s damages because Sifiso had told her that marrying Ayanda was a mistake and it’s her he really wanted, was insensitive, far-fetched if not down right delusional.

I will be the first to admit that Nonku’s messiness, unhealed trauma, foul mouth and ‘speak before you think’ attitude is reality TV gold but that should not be the reason for dragging Ayanda’s name through the mud when she’s not even there to defend herself.

Also, do you all notice the Shaunie O’Neil tendencies in Sorisha? Keep your eyes open!

Episode 8 of #RHODurban wasn’t it for me.

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