Young African and Famous Episodes 1-7 Review | Queen Zari reigns supremely

Urban Brew showing us how it’s supposed to be done! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 7 episodes of Young, African and Famous on Netflix and it’s been trending on Twitter for the past few days.

I watched because I love Khanyi Mbau but as soon as Zari the bosslady made her entrance at Diamond’s party, I had a new favorite! She was messy with the 2baba thing and pointing out Annie’s insecurity, but did she lie? Annie’s too blinded by her abusive husband’s fame, she will praise every little thing the guy does. I don’t know how you forgive 5 pregnancies and stay married to someone who is putting your health at risk with random chicks every chance he gets.

Sub-Saharan Africa has an HIV problem, which will not just disappear. We need to do things differently in order to curb the spread of HIV. A woman who fails to choose herself is not fit to call other women’s mothering skills into question. What is Annie teaching her daughters? Not to say that a 15 year old child should be living in her own apartment by herself, but she cannot be the one to pass judgment.I am here for Zandile! Zari + Andile make a cute entanglement. That’s all I am saying.

Naked and Kayleigh are so uncomfortable to watch. I feel like their therapy is prolonging what should have ended already. Those two must just cut their losses and move on with their lives.

Swanky brought the fashions! I didn’t get their screaming match with Quinton on the blue train trip. They gaslit Zari shamelessly and spoilt what could have been a really fun adventure.

Nadia disappeared into the background after Zari joined the group. Oh well🤷🏾

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