The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 9 Review | Jochella, Zulu dancing and Zebra girl

The Nonku Williams show was full of drama this week. Not Jojo tank summoning Mabusi to her house to accuse her of having asked the Calvin question and to ask if her designer bags are real or fake. That was some Karen ish right there. Kanene, is Jojo not aware that her husband is older? Sugarbabies must own it the way Khanyi Mbau did. They’ll worry less about what others are thinking. The biggest problem with this show is that women are flaunting their husband’s wealth as if it’s theirs and looking down on the single but hard working ladies.

Mabusi handled Jojo so gracefully. I need for the newbies to focus on creating their own content. Londie is forever picking up people’s beefs and bone-carrying 🙄 Poor Thobile can’t even get the themes right. Usinile ugirl, that’s all she did in this episode!

Annie showing off DaGuru’s house (only a portrait of him is on that wall) to her “real” friends turned into a gossiping session. What exactly would be so wrong with LaConco dating a guy in Jojo’s estate? Why can’t they be happy for someone, instead of saying that the flowers were half dead and that she sent them herself… It was funny though when they said that perhaps Petal doesn’t know where LaC lives. Are we obligated to give izesheli ama home address manje? The fake concern for Nonku is getting tiring. Umzimba wakhe awufaka ijiki. Bangenaphi? Even Saint Sorisha is now a participant in this mess. The friend Nonku brought to Jochella was so extra, I loved it 😂 Yes, Zebra girl! Jochella was nice. I didn’t feel sorry for Jojo when Londie canceled last minute. Jojo is super annoying maan. Also, there is legal stuff involved when a signed artist has to perform on TV. The record label might not have given the go ahead. Just speculating🤷🏾This is my 2 cents worth on the Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 9

Nonkululeko Williams herself.

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