Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Review of Episodes 10-12| Quit Messing with Mabusi!

Once upon a time I was a fan of the Real Housewives of Durban and would wait up for each new episode. I simply had to be among the first to watch and tweet about it. I would revel at seeing #RHODurban trend for days.

Until season 2 started on a sour note. I have really tried to enjoy this season but I’m finding it hard to consume the manipulated content we’re being offered as episodes.

Back paddling is what Real Housewives do best. We all saw Nonku drunk at their events, even her mom brought it up. Because she called them out on the way they had conducted themselves, it doesn’t cancel the drunkenness.

Jojo and Sorisha could have simply apologized for hurting Nonku’s feelings and gossiping about her without withdrawing the comments, based on observations of her drinking. I stand with Londie on this one.

LaC teaching Annie how to make umqombothi was a good idea but I wish they both could’ve put more effort into building a friendship because now it just seems like they’re shooting scenes for the sake of creating content, and not to build a friendship. Did y’all catch the “where do you live?” jab? Just because a lady is single doesn’t mean that she is homeless.

LaC driving Petal’s car to Annie’s and calling it Da Guru’s house was extra spicy👊

Isthebe sezintombi saved this episode of Real Housewives of Durban Season 2.

How doesn’t Londie know what the procedure is for isithebe? Drinks are only served after the meat, in my limited knowledge. And why didn’t Thobile sip on umqombothi? The real reason asseblief! 1 sip wasn’t gonna kill her.

Nonku’s backsliding with the whole “usayaphi Mabusi? Are you even invited to the Suncity trip Mabusi?”. Nobody’s gonna mention it because it’s okay for Nonku to be nasty towards other women.

Thobile needs a stylist shame. She misses the themes that one. When is she gonna come out of her shell? My patience is wearing thin.

Nonku always bringing a plus one might have something to do with the fact that she lives far away from the other ladies. Hillcrest is 74km from Ballito.

Season 2 Episode 11 of the Real Housewives of Durban has me wanting to stop watching the show.

Had to let them know via the bird app: “Dear Thumeka Hlotshana and the team at @letitrainfilms, if this negativity is ALL #RHODurban is going to be about, I am not sure if I will continue consuming your content. This season is very hard to watch.”

I am so tired of these pointless scenes and rehearsed drama. Can we have just 1 fun episode. 1 scene ke!

Am I the only one who caught the “supper” slip up at the “brunch”. The reality part of this show is fake af bandla. Having beautiful women fight each other is not entertaining to me. I am too grown for this mess.

Frankly, there’s more content on the ladies’ socials and on Da Guru’s Twitter page 😂😂😂😂

I find it odd that a person who didn’t invite castmates to her wedding is demanding to know the ins and outs of someone’s love life, who she ‘merely tolerates’.

“The tribe has spoken” survivor axing vibe that everyone seems to be celebrating as the group turns against LaConco is not settling well with me. Londi London spilling the beans about the private conversations she’s had with LaConco is a gross violation of her privacy in my opinion. How can you trust people who will turn around and air your business? I personally don’t like to have private conversations broadcasted indiscriminately.

Mabusi’s been disrespected from day 1 on this show and I am glad she finally snapped. The irony of Nonku consoling Jojo after she had just been a Karen to Mabusi in the worst way possible was not lost on me. What in the “pick me Madam” was that? Karen and her crocodile tears better not get renewed for season 3. @showmaxonline @letitrainfilms please spare us another triggering white supremacy entitlement bullcrap season.

We’d rather have boring Thobile and her ridiculous outfits back for another season but no Jojo asseblief. And can we see more of the husbands next season, since one husband has been tweeting in CAPS about the show, it’s only fair that he’s given airtime to be all up in women’s business nine nine!

The high school mean girls vibes in episode 12 was too much nje. I have stopped watching certain shows simply for this reason. There’s fun tea, there’s fun shade and then there’s maliciously trashy editing and obvious pot-stirring. We ought to draw a line somewhere. When we make a mockery of black people our entertainment, my line is drawn.

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