The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 13: Reunion Part 1| Thobile called LaConco a devil!

Congratulations to Ixoki lamaxoki 🎉

“Meh” is how I would describe the 1st reunion episode of #RHODurban Season 2. At first I thought “mnxm” but after watching episode 5 of #RHOLagos, I was even more disappointed with the Durban franchise.

I got questions bahlali🙋:

1. Where was this Thobile during episodes? The extra footage that didn’t make it to the episodes is proof that there’s an agenda here, someone is working an angle on us. We would have seen this Thobile all along if they’d wanted to show it.

MaK finally showed up for work!

2. Who stole Thobile’s Dior fragrance in Nambiti?

3. Why was this reunion not themed? Did the cast members piss off their stylists? The fashions were not giving. #RHOLagos Chioma’s dinner in Abuja had more fashions than the #RHODurban reunion.

4. What exactly are these things LaC and Londie talked about for hours on end and why is Londie now denying that she said LaC told her stories about Petal that are different from what she was telling the ladies in SunCity…?

“Core” group

5.a) What exactly did LaC say or do to warrant being called a devil? (Having been called a devil myself, I totally understand 1st hand what it does to a person.) LaConco didn’t like how Thobile acted like she didn’t know her at Vuma FM, when they had just attended a wedding at her home where she was welcoming and warm towards her.

The “gang up on LaConco” angle is the reason I’m done with this show.
Calling someone a devil is way too extreme for a few comments on a tv show, this must be deeper

b) Did I miss something here?

6. Why didn’t production capture the nasty conversation at Nambiti?

Mabusi KaSeme looking like a snack

7. Had Nonku not folded, would they still be denying their rudeness? Mabusi, LaConco and Nonku finally apologizing to Sorisha was long overdue. As much as I understand that they were frustrated, Sorisha shouldn’t have been the person to direct their anger to.

MaSorisori needs a serious stylist. I love her maturity though

8. Do you feel like some people were coached extensively on how to handle the reunion?

Minus the stockings, Nonku wins best dressed for me

Haibo Jojo became a church mouse, 🙋hands up if you feel like the whole SunCity watergate was downplayed. I expected it to be front and centre as soon as Mabusi walked in!

I can’t shake the feeling of “get with us or leave the show” clique vibes with this group. One day the truth will come out.

Makoti woMvelase!

I probably won’t be watching Season 3 y’all. You are what you consume after all. Watching rich men’s wives get dressed up to go drag each other as a form of entertainment is… ✂️✂️✂️

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