Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 14 Reunion Part 2| Epic fail👎

It was “bash LaConco” day and they inadvertently elevated her😂

What a boring reunion😴. Donovan Goliath shouldn’t have accepted the gig. Next time they must bring in Moshe Ndiki or Selbeyonce if they can’t afford Somizi. Even MaBlerh would have done a better job. Tweeps want MacG to host the next one but I am not sure if we are ready for that as a country in general, real Housewives fans in particular. There, I’ve said it.

Can the reunion be based on the things that took place during filming, not Twitter posts, because the producers only selected questions that pushed a certain narrative.The ‘bash LaConco’ at all costs mandate was very obvious. Even to the point of disagreeing with every word from her mouth and shutting her up at every turn:

LaConco mentioned that two ladies in the group know where she stays. Nothing from the host regarding this revelation, she mentioned that other ladies have seen a photo of Petal, Host: “Moving on”…

LaConco tried reaching out to Thobile and she shut her down, the “classy, saintly queen of uMzumbe” who calls people osathane refused to even hear her out and because she is your fave, we gloss over it.

Londie had asked about Thobile in SunCity but let’s pretend like we’ve all forgotten what a snoozefest Thobile’s contribution to the season has been.

The sucking up to Nonku was just as transparent. Does anyone think Annie and Londie both brought gifts for the queen coincidentally? 😂 @letitrainfilms must think we are fools.

The gifts for Nonku’s mom from Londie and Annie was totally planned beforehand to manipulate the audience.

This show is total trash, especially this season. What a waste of our time and data. Jojo needs to take acting classes if she is to continue with her Karen ways and use her white tears to get out of sticky situations. White fragility is the pits. I needed her to own up to how horribly she treated Mabusi this whole season, not just at SunCity.

Mabusi’s too nice for her own good, phela uJojo umthathe kancane wamdelela kaningi nje.

Annie and her minion annoyed me endlessly in this episode.
They made Nonku’s mom their storyline through out the season and got away with it scott free.

The multimillionaire kept on talking about lies and not specifying exactly what those lies were. If Petal’s wealth (owning a yacht and BMW) story is a lie, could he have lied to LaConco about it? Men do lie, we all know that. Sifiso lying to Nonku about wanting her, not Ayanda is one such example.

Worst reunion show in the history of the Real Housewives franchise

Real talk, do we know Sorisha’s mom, dad, sister or brother? How about Annie’s? Why must we push LaConco to show hers?

Production has interfered so much with this show in a manipulative way too that I just can’t stand to consume it. This episode reminded me of the time Nene #RHOA put the laptop out on the porch in the midst of the virtual reunion. They did Ayanda dirty last year. They did LaConco and the viewers dirty this season. I’m done👍 #RHODurban is trash 🚮

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