Real Housewives of Lagos Season 1 Episode 7| Shots fired🙆🏿

 I hadn’t felt like reviewing the Real Housewives of Lagos until now.

The ladies have had their little dramas and shady moments, e.g. Chioma calling Laura a customer and not a friend, Carolyna boho event’s drama, Carolyn being cold towards Mirriam and all the antics at Laura’s fashion show.

Marriam had asked for a drama-free dinner but the late comers started a chain of events that culminated in the WhatsApp group war of words, that has Laura shaking in her boots and explaining to her hubby before ish hits the fan. This show is reaching toxic levels very fast.

Next week promises to be drama-filled. I hate it when black women get dressed up to go fight each other on TV. I also heard that Chioma and Carolyn’s friendship is over🤔

I still like Laura with all her insecurities and drama. Toyin’s flawless face without make-up is skin-goals for me👌

The attention seeking antics of grand entrances is getting old and frankly disrespectful, I am glad Iyabo addressed it right there and then with Chioma but not everyone is able to do that. Some people’s reaction times are longer. This is why I am not mad at Laura for the initial whatsapp message.

I have to gush about the perfection that is Priscilla, Iyabo’s 21 year old live doll. The girl is gorgeous.

I can’t wait to see the reunion show, whenever that would be. I just hope production won’t manipulate the final edit.

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