Snowflake Mountain | I know I don’t qualify

Such a diverse bunch of munchkins

Just finished watching Snowflake Montain. It’s a reality show on Netflix about spoilt young adults who are entitled, struggling with growing up (cleaning up after themselves, cooking, laundry, doing anything constructive with their lives) and leading their own lives basically.

If it were shot here in Mzansi, to cast it they’d have to differentiate and filter out who’s a real snowflake, who’s a skhothane, who has given up on life, and who is struggling to get a job.

I feel like the unemployed get a bad rap in our families. One person was telling me how tired he is of all the ‘advice’, unsolicited of course that he’s been getting from people who have just gotten short-term jobs, after years of employment. The advice stops when contracts expire, clearly they are not taking their own advice.

What I’m tired of is the ‘why don’t you go into teaching /nursing…?’ Oh so clearly all the qualified nurses and teachers are employed in this country. My post is not even about employment but ke whilst on the subject, can we please stop assuming that the unemployed are stupid and need us to tell them how to live their lives.

Watching the show, I felt like I could have done it without having too many problems. I found myself thinking that I could climb trees and do push-ups and stuff for $50k. The long drop bucket system would have tripped me up, I don’t want to lie. Fetching water, chopping trees and butchering game would have been a walk in the park for me. I couldn’t understand why they were taking cold showers instead of warming the water on the fire/stove first. I feel like my 4 year old niece and nephew could have done much better at that camp. Exposure is everything I guess.

I was reminded of Education 4 Life when I saw how transformed the participants were at the end of the program. I hope some influential young people or chaplains or even Bishops could watch this show and force church youth programs to be in this format, instead of boring old paper and pen.

Anyway, on the final episode, they have to summit a real mountain over 2 days and then choose a winner. A big beautiful black girl won! I feel like I won with her. Her transformation was phenomenal. A part of me wished for the prize money to be split equally amongst everyone, but that’s not how these things work.

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