Real Housewives of Lagos Season 1 Reunion Part 1 Review| It’s Caro’s world, we just live in it

Y’all know I love Toyin🤞

Real Housewives of Lagos Season 1 Reunion Part 1 did not go well for Toyin.

First of all, can we pause and gasp collectively for the breathtaking fashions! Nigerian women know how to carry these over the top styles okay👏👏👏 The chunky jewelry must have been the theme, potatoes and all.

The grand entrances were👌

Toyin had an unusual demeanor when they were being greeted by the host prior to them taking the stage. She came into it already with negativity. Then the fight with Laura, which didn’t need to happen. I felt like Laura was holding back and still trying to protect Toyin even during the fight.

Mirriam gets overlooked so much on this show and she allows it. The reunion started with 5 cast members and when it was Mirriam’s turn, madam former Mrs Billionaire made her grand entrance and she wasn’t even asked why she’s late. Wow! The things yellowbones get away with.

The fight between Toyin and Carolyna shouldn’t have been part of the show in my view because when we met them, they were no longer friends and to drag things that happened 12 years ago into a reunion of a show that never even touched on these things is ridiculous in my view. I believe in sticking to the scope.

The way Toyin was talking over Caro was suspicious af. The girl didn’t want us to get Caro’s side and in true Caro fashion, she called her a prostitute. What goes on there by Lagos ladies? I liked how Mirriam tried to get her face out of the way during the 10 minutes long war of words. I would have also done the same, wouldn’t wanna be caught in the cross fire.

Caro also had a tiff with Mirriam but it was inconsequential as per usual where Mirriam is concerned.

Iyabo and Chioma were basically spectators on that stage.

We need to change the format of these shows as audiences. This idea of women getting dressed up to go and fight each other for our entertainment doesn’t sit well with me at all.

This, ladies and gentlemen is my two cents worth on the reunion.


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