I have a dream of a cohesive family unit

Today I saw the most prayerful, bravest kids.I wish I had their conviction of faith. For a second I found myself wishing we were still a cohesive unit, in spite of age and life experience. Cohesion is very important in families. In my assessment, in order to achieve a loving, cohesive unit, you need to:1. Lighten up a bit (directed at me!) 2. Be willing to compromise as different individuals3. Accept that not everyone will see things your way4. Let things go (also directed at me)5. Believe in a higher being (and respect others’ beliefs)6. Pretend like you are a door mat (also directed at me) 7. Keep the goal of cohesion in mind8. Laugh and have fun together oftenWe all know this, so what’s stopping us from achieving it?That’s my reflection as my mom’s second posthumous birthday approaches. I miss her every day. I wish we could conduct ourselves in a way that is pleasing to her. What greater honor could there be, than to see the fruits of your womb being good to one another.My prayer for tonight is for unity in families and cohesion among siblings.Ibandla alithi Amen.

Published by FabulousMeuJwara

I'm a dark-skinned black woman who loves life, fashion, food and books. I am a writer at heart. I am fat and fabulous. I enjoy traveling and exploring. I am creative and smart. Welcome to my world!

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