Umlomo uyadala| A Zulu proverb

Yebo umlomo uyadala!Kuhle ukuphokophelela empumelelweni ngisho kunezinsongo empilweni yakho. Ujoji akame kancane ngiyibeke kahle ngoMageba lendaba. Akungathi ngoba umakhelwane esonga, ethi “izihlahla ziyokhula zigqibe izindlu” ube usuyayekelela kukhule ukhula ludlule uphahla lwendlu. Umuntu angacabanga ukuthi ukuthobela umthetho ukufezekisa izinsongo kepha kukusizaphi? Umuntu okusongelayo usuke vele engakuthandi, engakufiseli impumelelo. Ukufezekisa izifiso zakhe ngokudedela impilo yakho imeContinue reading “Umlomo uyadala| A Zulu proverb”

Sara Baartman lives and breathes in 2021| The era of “just for sex” girls.

What Saartjie was subjected to, centuries ago hasn’t stopped and by the looks of things, is far from even being considered wrong and inhumane in our society. Just yesterday I was talking about seeing this woman I went to primary school with and how she hasn’t changed, even her walk is still the same. AsContinue reading “Sara Baartman lives and breathes in 2021| The era of “just for sex” girls.”

The Flight Attendant | A very personal review

Watching The Flight Attendant at night is really testing my capacity to overcome certain fears. I hate gruesome scenes with a passion. I find myself thinking of Kelly or rather Cassie as Penny (TBBT) 😂. I also find validation, oddly enough in the way she and Davey (her brother) remember their childhood totally differently. IContinue reading “The Flight Attendant | A very personal review”

The Human Side of Minister Lindiwe Sisulu| #PhoenixMassacre

This is by no means a blue ticking of the wonderful work and powerful voice of EFF’s Mam’Khawula. I praised her on Twitter, in case you wish to call me out. The purpose of this post is to reflect on this article: If Lindiwe Sisulu doesn’t survive the looming cabinet reshuffle, I won’t beContinue reading “The Human Side of Minister Lindiwe Sisulu| #PhoenixMassacre”

About Life with Kelly season 2 episode 12| I need more episodes!

Life with Kelly season 2 episode 12 left me feeling like I need more episodes! Thanks @KellyKhumaloza for opening up your life to us. These therapy sessions with Kelly and her mom are very useful for me. I observed that the mom is actually scarred from her traumatic childhood and she is holding on to it forContinue reading “About Life with Kelly season 2 episode 12| I need more episodes!”

The Big Brother I Always Took For Granted | Sbusiso Mthembu – the eulogy

I can’t believe he’s gone. I keep hoping that it’s a mistake or that I am having a bad dream. In 2018, waiting for my uber outside Khanya House in Pretoria Central, I heard someone yelling my nickname. When someone yells out your nickname, you know that it’s somebody that knows you from way back.Continue reading “The Big Brother I Always Took For Granted | Sbusiso Mthembu – the eulogy”

What happened to you | My take on chapter 8 and 9 of Dr Perry and Oprah’s book.

I am continuing with the book ‘What happened to you’.I am now halfway through chapter 9. I had decided to pause when George Floyd and BLM were mentioned. For some reason, probably because I watched the video of George Floyd dying and it was my first time seeing a person die, I lose it whenContinue reading “What happened to you | My take on chapter 8 and 9 of Dr Perry and Oprah’s book.”

Abandonment Issues | understanding why I am so needy.

Daddy’s lap was my spot (much like Sheldon’s spot) permanently, until it wasn’t.I found the source of my abandonment issues. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when it hit me. I was a last born for 6 years. Spoilt and entitled. Daddy’s little girl.I still remember how he’d listen to jazz, tap hisContinue reading “Abandonment Issues | understanding why I am so needy.”

Apartheid | a successful project

I dare anyone to tell me that apartheid wasn’t a successful project!We have black people praising Pik Botha in 2021, right here in South Africa. Black people not giving a thought to the black lives that have been lost unnecessarily in the past week, just because they’re of a different tribe.We have the nerve toContinue reading “Apartheid | a successful project”