GBV| The shame of being violated and fear of being stigmatized

Our satellite dish is broken – thanks to this weather, so naturally we are listening to Ukhozi fm with Ma. OSgqemeza had me triggered this morning and the lady (from Isolezwe) who was harassed at the taxi rank, reporting and speaking about her ordeal gave me courage. Yvette told me that I didn’t need toContinue reading “GBV| The shame of being violated and fear of being stigmatized”

Healing of Memories Part 10| Bullying and suicidal thoughts

This is a story about my struggle to cope with bullying at home and at school and how I couldn’t handle kindness and caring, it felt strange to me. This is also a shout out to my crazy cousin and retired nurse, Mrs Khishiwe Ambrosia MaMzobe Duma. This is my beloved cousin uMrs Mbro Duma.Continue reading “Healing of Memories Part 10| Bullying and suicidal thoughts”

Healing of Memories Part 9:

First off, my first real job was in the church. A responsibility I took very seriously. I put in a lot of my personal time into it, especially when donor reports were due. See, I was a coordinator of one office according to my employment contract but in actuality I was coordinating 2 offices, doingContinue reading “Healing of Memories Part 9:”

Single Wives SA Season 1 Episode 1

Please don’t laugh. I only discovered this show today and if you know anything about me, you ‘d know that I am a Mapaseka fan. How did I not know about this show for so long? The ladies (Angel Pather, Chantelle Thrupp-Snow, Genevieve Stander, Helen Zondo, Nikki Nell and Tori Celliers) are beautiful!!! From theContinue reading “Single Wives SA Season 1 Episode 1”

Healing of Memories Part 7

When I envisaged this journey, I anticipated that 6 months would be sufficient. I even told one frenemy, who advised that 6 months would be too long. I had planned to do a silent retreat for 7 days and then apply the techniques I have learned over the years to unpack and shred the negativeContinue reading “Healing of Memories Part 7”

Healing of Memories Part 4

“it’s the shy, quiet ones that end up doing the worst things” is what they said about me to my face growing up because I was not a talkative child.¬† Somehow this made me a bad person.¬†Perhaps it is the quiet, shy ones who need more attention from parents and teachers because they go throughContinue reading “Healing of Memories Part 4”

Healing of Memories Part 3

This story still evokes bad memories. I am finding that when I write these stories and publish them I can let the feelings associated with them go and move on. Or at least try to move on. When Sbona and I started our new jobs on the 3rd August 2010, we were the butt ofContinue reading “Healing of Memories Part 3”