Sara Baartman lives and breathes in 2021| The era of “just for sex” girls.

What Saartjie was subjected to, centuries ago hasn’t stopped and by the looks of things, is far from even being considered wrong and inhumane in our society. Just yesterday I was talking about seeing this woman I went to primary school with and how she hasn’t changed, even her walk is still the same. AsContinue reading “Sara Baartman lives and breathes in 2021| The era of “just for sex” girls.”

GBV| The shame of being violated and fear of being stigmatized

Our satellite dish is broken – thanks to this weather, so naturally we are listening to Ukhozi fm with Ma. OSgqemeza had me triggered this morning and the lady (from Isolezwe) who was harassed at the taxi rank, reporting and speaking about her ordeal gave me courage. Yvette told me that I didn’t need toContinue reading “GBV| The shame of being violated and fear of being stigmatized”

Healing of Memories Part 10| Bullying and suicidal thoughts

This is a story about my struggle to cope with bullying at home and at school and how I couldn’t handle kindness and caring, it felt strange to me. This is also a shout out to my crazy cousin and retired nurse, Mrs Khishiwe Ambrosia MaMzobe Duma. This is my beloved cousin uMrs Mbro Duma.Continue reading “Healing of Memories Part 10| Bullying and suicidal thoughts”

Why are we okay with poor quality of services | the case of Glenread flat under Trafalgar Management

My dearest friends, there are famous Zulu sayings we use for circumstances such as these: “ukuhamba ukubona futhi kuzala induna.” Asitolikwake bantakwethu! I laugh at myself for all the angry emails I wrote to City Property when we spent 8 months in 2017 without a lift and that time I was renting a flat onContinue reading “Why are we okay with poor quality of services | the case of Glenread flat under Trafalgar Management”

How Airbnb helped me to make extra money | Influenced by Cece Olisa

Hello Dearest friends, I feel like, I don’t share this money making tip enough you guys. AIRBNB! So there’s this New York based influencer Cece Olisa, that I started following around 2014 and I have mentioned her a lot in my blog posts. She really influenced me in more ways than one. I feel validatedContinue reading “How Airbnb helped me to make extra money | Influenced by Cece Olisa”

Healing of Memories Part 9:

First off, my first real job was in the church. A responsibility I took very seriously. I put in a lot of my personal time into it, especially when donor reports were due. See, I was a coordinator of one office according to my employment contract but in actuality I was coordinating 2 offices, doingContinue reading “Healing of Memories Part 9:”

Pancake Tuesday

Because #AshWednesday2021, we do #PancakeTuesday today. After two burnt (cremated) pancakes, we have something edible enough to photograph.The pancake master left for Dbn last week because #school. Pancake Tuesday reminds me of my earlier years of varsity when we were transitioning from CATHSOC to ACTS. We used to party until the early hours of the morning. Braai, pancakes, choirContinue reading “Pancake Tuesday”

Buying Property | What to look out for

I am finally ready to swallow my pride and share my bad experiences with property ownership. If you are a first-time buyer or want to buy, please pay careful attention. I recently shared my story on youtube: Investing in property is no child’s play. You need to be on a look out for things thatContinue reading “Buying Property | What to look out for”

Story Time| My Funny Valentine’s

What if this is the only valentine’s greeting you received today read something like: “Hey sweetie, happy valentine to you. You know I don’t even remember when is Valentines’s day….. so sure you can deduce from that  what does that mean. What is narcissistic person ??????” I laugh because I’m over it but this isContinue reading “Story Time| My Funny Valentine’s”

Jwara Family Values | My Dad’s childhood favorite food

Traditional Zulu food. Ingqumkazane (fresh mealies and fresh beans), my dad’s childhood favorite. Buhle loved it too when she was younger. She is gogo’s child that one. I digress…My mom’s sister Anna (Mhle Mabuya’s grandma, hence I am his auntie not cousin) was walking home from Himmelberg Mission one day and as she crossed IfafaContinue reading “Jwara Family Values | My Dad’s childhood favorite food”