Toxic workplaces can really damage people

I love black people. I love my people. I always want us to be united. Not to rehash the past, which we have moved on from but I gotta tell this story. I am happy that we were afforded the chance to mend our broken sisterhood. I am avoiding the words ‘relationship’ & ‘friendship’ onContinue reading “Toxic workplaces can really damage people”

True story – South Africa sucks at race relations

Once upon a time, we were in the office talking with our white colleague (who had been retrenched the previous year and given R60k more in her package for no other reason apparent to me than the colour of her skin), when our Indian director walked in, she greeted this white colleague by name andContinue reading “True story – South Africa sucks at race relations”

Getting to like my image and burying high school hurts

Today, I saw someone’s childhood photo. She was chubby and cute. I actually regretted destroying all those photos that Nqobile took of us back in 1993. I wonder if I would have grown to like them eventually.Hatred is definitely taught. I hated looking at myself in the mirror and in photographs. Who would have thoughtContinue reading “Getting to like my image and burying high school hurts”