Never let how far you have to go bring you down, look at how far you’ve come

Reading this quote from Jay Shetty brought back a memory. When my sister @ka_tiyoni had just moved back to KZN from East London, I hosted her for a couple of weeks while she was looking for a place to stay in Durban. She used to drive a gold Megan shake it!She used to attend morning mass atContinue reading “Never let how far you have to go bring you down, look at how far you’ve come”

What’s in a bug – the case of a praying mantis

Let me introduce myself : I am the 3rd daughter of Gatigati u4000 kaMlunjwa kaMbidlane kaMgwabashe, indlalifa nenkosana kaMdambiso.I hail from the south coast of KZN, eMandleni Tribal Authority is where the white man decided we should be led because Mdambiso, the leader of the clan wouldn’t fratenize with ondlebe zikhanyilanga, so he lost hisContinue reading “What’s in a bug – the case of a praying mantis”

Making umqombothi (Zulu traditional sorghum beer)| MaMzobe’s recipe

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, South Africa is on lockdown and alcohol sale and public consumption is strictly prohibited. So as a law abiding citizen I decided to make umqombothi, with guidance from my mother. I posted the step by step-by-step instructions and process on Instagram @MeuJwara and on my facebook page as well. ThereContinue reading “Making umqombothi (Zulu traditional sorghum beer)| MaMzobe’s recipe”

I ain’t no Robert Frost or Maya Angelou but I try

Without warning I changed. I can still be sweet but BS I do not take. I can still laugh and joke around, but step on my toes not. I no longer allow people to disseminate lies and skewed half truths about me, you will not get likes and laughs at my expense. Oh no youContinue reading “I ain’t no Robert Frost or Maya Angelou but I try”

Lot number 3, my childhood home

My childhood home. My dad’s grandfather uSampula (Mgwabashe’s last born) decided to give him this site, coz the ‘powers that be’ had refused to give my dad a plot.In the days that followed, a group of men came to confront my dad about his new stand, wanting to give it to someone else who hadContinue reading “Lot number 3, my childhood home”