Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 12: All about Dulas 🤦

#MnakwethuHEA is not so fun to watch when the focus is on Dulas. His immaturity is disturbing to say the least.There was a scene where MaDlamini was begging Dulas to let his family give her access to her children. Knowing that she lost her mother at a young age, I could understand why it is soContinue reading “Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 12: All about Dulas 🤦”

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 4 Review

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 4: All hail Laconco. I am giving it that title. #Villagevibes #Zulungenkani #Shwele Mnge done brought it! So the episode picked up from the club with a cage. Weird nje. The bride to be was dancing in the cage and apparently that’s how she met the groom.Continue reading “The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 4 Review”

Scalp psoriasis and a secret marriage

Secretly married!At my previous job, people made a habit of jumping to conclusions and cared very little about the impact of their words/actions.Because of my psoriasis, I often wore a doek, hat or turban on my head at work, to avoid the constant expert advice from people who have no clue about dermatology.Because of myContinue reading “Scalp psoriasis and a secret marriage”

When did Gender Based Violence become normalized?

Do you all remember Kayise Ngqula, winner of OPW presenter search? Well, she’s back on TV, hosting *Bring Back My Smile*The show is redeeming the image of the station (157 Moja Love), because most of their shows are gutter trash, if we’re being honest.Anyway, I love Kayise and the concept of this show, but theContinue reading “When did Gender Based Violence become normalized?”

Goodbye Mama Elizabeth MaMolefe Mzizi| I miss you already

My God-mother is being laid to rest today. The pain I feel at the thought of never seeing her again is unbearable.She has shown me love all my life. She almost delivered me (check my 2020 birthday post), so we go way back. Before ‘day 1’ was even a thing. I still fondly remember theContinue reading “Goodbye Mama Elizabeth MaMolefe Mzizi| I miss you already”

I refuse to deny my greatness and strength ¦ I come from a long line of doers

I come from a long line of doers. Do you think that my dad could have achieved all that he did without mommy by his side? I am told that when my mom and Mamkhulu Willo were building the extension of our old house, I was still a small baby and mom used to carryContinue reading “I refuse to deny my greatness and strength ¦ I come from a long line of doers”

Co-dependency ¦ I simply had to share this

Please go on over to Facebook and checkout the Queen Code. “There’s power in detachment.Follow-up from the questions below: Here’s how I learned detachment:1. Realize that addiction/attachment to toxic people/relationships is a sign of “Codependency”. There’s so much power in this discovery. What you’re going through has a name.2. Release pride and realize that youContinue reading “Co-dependency ¦ I simply had to share this”

South Africa, we have a drinking problem

How long are we going to pretend that we don’t have a drinking problem as a nation? When there’s alcohol, nothing else matters, not road safety, not Covid-19 regulations, and certainly not the fear of death.This sterms back from a time natives weren’t allowed to buy and consume alcohol. We keep going back to apartheidContinue reading “South Africa, we have a drinking problem”