Phat Stylish Divaz Boutique | Dreams do come true

The Facebook group that kept my dreams alive

Sometimes history repeats itself in the best way possible. My mom started a clothing boutique at the age of 42.

I am not sure if she made any profit from it, because it became our reserve closet. If we didn’t have any clean clothes to wear, we’d simply shop for free.

Our parents’ businesses endured a lot of free-shopping 🤔 by “two-legged mice” as daddy would call us. Some didn’t outgrow this tendency unfortunately.

When my friend Buyi went to work in the United States, she was awestruck by all the clothing options available for the fuller figure and would send me wonderful clothes from top boutiques in the states. I would then be required to pay tax upon collection for these at the post office unfortunately. This also meant that our dream of offering plus size gals stylish outfits was unattainable because of custom duties.

Having attempted to work with seamstresses to make beautiful and comfortable clothing proved to be expensive and unsustainable. At one point I even considered registering for sewing classes at the Mariannhill Industrial school.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have found a way and great partners with whom to pursue this long-term dream of dressing plus size queens, whose sizes cannot be found in the mainstream shops at affordable prices.

Ladies and gentlemen, Phat Stylish Divaz Boutique (@phatstylishdivaz on Instagram and on WhatsApp) offers a great variety of styles and colors for exercise, leisure, casual and professional wear. We are 100% online for now but God-willing, we will grow and reach even greater heights.

I love and appreciate how you have supported me in my quest to give a voice to the unheard and to give my 2 cents worth on topical issues and tv shows. Now I beg that you indulge me once again by sharing this post with as many of your friends and contacts as you can.

Thank you so much and God bless you all!

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 14 Reunion Part 2| Epic fail👎

It was “bash LaConco” day and they inadvertently elevated her😂

What a boring reunion😴. Donovan Goliath shouldn’t have accepted the gig. Next time they must bring in Moshe Ndiki or Selbeyonce if they can’t afford Somizi. Even MaBlerh would have done a better job. Tweeps want MacG to host the next one but I am not sure if we are ready for that as a country in general, real Housewives fans in particular. There, I’ve said it.

Can the reunion be based on the things that took place during filming, not Twitter posts, because the producers only selected questions that pushed a certain narrative.The ‘bash LaConco’ at all costs mandate was very obvious. Even to the point of disagreeing with every word from her mouth and shutting her up at every turn:

LaConco mentioned that two ladies in the group know where she stays. Nothing from the host regarding this revelation, she mentioned that other ladies have seen a photo of Petal, Host: “Moving on”…

LaConco tried reaching out to Thobile and she shut her down, the “classy, saintly queen of uMzumbe” who calls people osathane refused to even hear her out and because she is your fave, we gloss over it.

Londie had asked about Thobile in SunCity but let’s pretend like we’ve all forgotten what a snoozefest Thobile’s contribution to the season has been.

The sucking up to Nonku was just as transparent. Does anyone think Annie and Londie both brought gifts for the queen coincidentally? 😂 @letitrainfilms must think we are fools.

The gifts for Nonku’s mom from Londie and Annie was totally planned beforehand to manipulate the audience.

This show is total trash, especially this season. What a waste of our time and data. Jojo needs to take acting classes if she is to continue with her Karen ways and use her white tears to get out of sticky situations. White fragility is the pits. I needed her to own up to how horribly she treated Mabusi this whole season, not just at SunCity.

Mabusi’s too nice for her own good, phela uJojo umthathe kancane wamdelela kaningi nje.

Annie and her minion annoyed me endlessly in this episode.
They made Nonku’s mom their storyline through out the season and got away with it scott free.

The multimillionaire kept on talking about lies and not specifying exactly what those lies were. If Petal’s wealth (owning a yacht and BMW) story is a lie, could he have lied to LaConco about it? Men do lie, we all know that. Sifiso lying to Nonku about wanting her, not Ayanda is one such example.

Worst reunion show in the history of the Real Housewives franchise

Real talk, do we know Sorisha’s mom, dad, sister or brother? How about Annie’s? Why must we push LaConco to show hers?

Production has interfered so much with this show in a manipulative way too that I just can’t stand to consume it. This episode reminded me of the time Nene #RHOA put the laptop out on the porch in the midst of the virtual reunion. They did Ayanda dirty last year. They did LaConco and the viewers dirty this season. I’m done👍 #RHODurban is trash 🚮

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 13: Reunion Part 1| Thobile called LaConco a devil!

Congratulations to Ixoki lamaxoki 🎉

“Meh” is how I would describe the 1st reunion episode of #RHODurban Season 2. At first I thought “mnxm” but after watching episode 5 of #RHOLagos, I was even more disappointed with the Durban franchise.

I got questions bahlali🙋:

1. Where was this Thobile during episodes? The extra footage that didn’t make it to the episodes is proof that there’s an agenda here, someone is working an angle on us. We would have seen this Thobile all along if they’d wanted to show it.

MaK finally showed up for work!

2. Who stole Thobile’s Dior fragrance in Nambiti?

3. Why was this reunion not themed? Did the cast members piss off their stylists? The fashions were not giving. #RHOLagos Chioma’s dinner in Abuja had more fashions than the #RHODurban reunion.

4. What exactly are these things LaC and Londie talked about for hours on end and why is Londie now denying that she said LaC told her stories about Petal that are different from what she was telling the ladies in SunCity…?

“Core” group

5.a) What exactly did LaC say or do to warrant being called a devil? (Having been called a devil myself, I totally understand 1st hand what it does to a person.) LaConco didn’t like how Thobile acted like she didn’t know her at Vuma FM, when they had just attended a wedding at her home where she was welcoming and warm towards her.

The “gang up on LaConco” angle is the reason I’m done with this show.
Calling someone a devil is way too extreme for a few comments on a tv show, this must be deeper

b) Did I miss something here?

6. Why didn’t production capture the nasty conversation at Nambiti?

Mabusi KaSeme looking like a snack

7. Had Nonku not folded, would they still be denying their rudeness? Mabusi, LaConco and Nonku finally apologizing to Sorisha was long overdue. As much as I understand that they were frustrated, Sorisha shouldn’t have been the person to direct their anger to.

MaSorisori needs a serious stylist. I love her maturity though

8. Do you feel like some people were coached extensively on how to handle the reunion?

Minus the stockings, Nonku wins best dressed for me

Haibo Jojo became a church mouse, 🙋hands up if you feel like the whole SunCity watergate was downplayed. I expected it to be front and centre as soon as Mabusi walked in!

I can’t shake the feeling of “get with us or leave the show” clique vibes with this group. One day the truth will come out.

Makoti woMvelase!

I probably won’t be watching Season 3 y’all. You are what you consume after all. Watching rich men’s wives get dressed up to go drag each other as a form of entertainment is… ✂️✂️✂️

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Review of Episodes 10-12| Quit Messing with Mabusi!

Once upon a time I was a fan of the Real Housewives of Durban and would wait up for each new episode. I simply had to be among the first to watch and tweet about it. I would revel at seeing #RHODurban trend for days.

Until season 2 started on a sour note. I have really tried to enjoy this season but I’m finding it hard to consume the manipulated content we’re being offered as episodes.

Back paddling is what Real Housewives do best. We all saw Nonku drunk at their events, even her mom brought it up. Because she called them out on the way they had conducted themselves, it doesn’t cancel the drunkenness.

Jojo and Sorisha could have simply apologized for hurting Nonku’s feelings and gossiping about her without withdrawing the comments, based on observations of her drinking. I stand with Londie on this one.

LaC teaching Annie how to make umqombothi was a good idea but I wish they both could’ve put more effort into building a friendship because now it just seems like they’re shooting scenes for the sake of creating content, and not to build a friendship. Did y’all catch the “where do you live?” jab? Just because a lady is single doesn’t mean that she is homeless.

LaC driving Petal’s car to Annie’s and calling it Da Guru’s house was extra spicy👊

Isthebe sezintombi saved this episode of Real Housewives of Durban Season 2.

How doesn’t Londie know what the procedure is for isithebe? Drinks are only served after the meat, in my limited knowledge. And why didn’t Thobile sip on umqombothi? The real reason asseblief! 1 sip wasn’t gonna kill her.

Nonku’s backsliding with the whole “usayaphi Mabusi? Are you even invited to the Suncity trip Mabusi?”. Nobody’s gonna mention it because it’s okay for Nonku to be nasty towards other women.

Thobile needs a stylist shame. She misses the themes that one. When is she gonna come out of her shell? My patience is wearing thin.

Nonku always bringing a plus one might have something to do with the fact that she lives far away from the other ladies. Hillcrest is 74km from Ballito.

Season 2 Episode 11 of the Real Housewives of Durban has me wanting to stop watching the show.

Had to let them know via the bird app: “Dear Thumeka Hlotshana and the team at @letitrainfilms, if this negativity is ALL #RHODurban is going to be about, I am not sure if I will continue consuming your content. This season is very hard to watch.”

I am so tired of these pointless scenes and rehearsed drama. Can we have just 1 fun episode. 1 scene ke!

Am I the only one who caught the “supper” slip up at the “brunch”. The reality part of this show is fake af bandla. Having beautiful women fight each other is not entertaining to me. I am too grown for this mess.

Frankly, there’s more content on the ladies’ socials and on Da Guru’s Twitter page 😂😂😂😂

I find it odd that a person who didn’t invite castmates to her wedding is demanding to know the ins and outs of someone’s love life, who she ‘merely tolerates’.

“The tribe has spoken” survivor axing vibe that everyone seems to be celebrating as the group turns against LaConco is not settling well with me. Londi London spilling the beans about the private conversations she’s had with LaConco is a gross violation of her privacy in my opinion. How can you trust people who will turn around and air your business? I personally don’t like to have private conversations broadcasted indiscriminately.

Mabusi’s been disrespected from day 1 on this show and I am glad she finally snapped. The irony of Nonku consoling Jojo after she had just been a Karen to Mabusi in the worst way possible was not lost on me. What in the “pick me Madam” was that? Karen and her crocodile tears better not get renewed for season 3. @showmaxonline @letitrainfilms please spare us another triggering white supremacy entitlement bullcrap season.

We’d rather have boring Thobile and her ridiculous outfits back for another season but no Jojo asseblief. And can we see more of the husbands next season, since one husband has been tweeting in CAPS about the show, it’s only fair that he’s given airtime to be all up in women’s business nine nine!

The high school mean girls vibes in episode 12 was too much nje. I have stopped watching certain shows simply for this reason. There’s fun tea, there’s fun shade and then there’s maliciously trashy editing and obvious pot-stirring. We ought to draw a line somewhere. When we make a mockery of black people our entertainment, my line is drawn.

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 9 Review | Jochella, Zulu dancing and Zebra girl

The Nonku Williams show was full of drama this week. Not Jojo tank summoning Mabusi to her house to accuse her of having asked the Calvin question and to ask if her designer bags are real or fake. That was some Karen ish right there. Kanene, is Jojo not aware that her husband is older? Sugarbabies must own it the way Khanyi Mbau did. They’ll worry less about what others are thinking. The biggest problem with this show is that women are flaunting their husband’s wealth as if it’s theirs and looking down on the single but hard working ladies.

Mabusi handled Jojo so gracefully. I need for the newbies to focus on creating their own content. Londie is forever picking up people’s beefs and bone-carrying 🙄 Poor Thobile can’t even get the themes right. Usinile ugirl, that’s all she did in this episode!

Annie showing off DaGuru’s house (only a portrait of him is on that wall) to her “real” friends turned into a gossiping session. What exactly would be so wrong with LaConco dating a guy in Jojo’s estate? Why can’t they be happy for someone, instead of saying that the flowers were half dead and that she sent them herself… It was funny though when they said that perhaps Petal doesn’t know where LaC lives. Are we obligated to give izesheli ama home address manje? The fake concern for Nonku is getting tiring. Umzimba wakhe awufaka ijiki. Bangenaphi? Even Saint Sorisha is now a participant in this mess. The friend Nonku brought to Jochella was so extra, I loved it 😂 Yes, Zebra girl! Jochella was nice. I didn’t feel sorry for Jojo when Londie canceled last minute. Jojo is super annoying maan. Also, there is legal stuff involved when a signed artist has to perform on TV. The record label might not have given the go ahead. Just speculating🤷🏾This is my 2 cents worth on the Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 9

Nonkululeko Williams herself.

Young African and Famous Episodes 1-7 Review | Queen Zari reigns supremely

Urban Brew showing us how it’s supposed to be done! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 7 episodes of Young, African and Famous on Netflix and it’s been trending on Twitter for the past few days.

I watched because I love Khanyi Mbau but as soon as Zari the bosslady made her entrance at Diamond’s party, I had a new favorite! She was messy with the 2baba thing and pointing out Annie’s insecurity, but did she lie? Annie’s too blinded by her abusive husband’s fame, she will praise every little thing the guy does. I don’t know how you forgive 5 pregnancies and stay married to someone who is putting your health at risk with random chicks every chance he gets.

Sub-Saharan Africa has an HIV problem, which will not just disappear. We need to do things differently in order to curb the spread of HIV. A woman who fails to choose herself is not fit to call other women’s mothering skills into question. What is Annie teaching her daughters? Not to say that a 15 year old child should be living in her own apartment by herself, but she cannot be the one to pass judgment.I am here for Zandile! Zari + Andile make a cute entanglement. That’s all I am saying.

Naked and Kayleigh are so uncomfortable to watch. I feel like their therapy is prolonging what should have ended already. Those two must just cut their losses and move on with their lives.

Swanky brought the fashions! I didn’t get their screaming match with Quinton on the blue train trip. They gaslit Zari shamelessly and spoilt what could have been a really fun adventure.

Nadia disappeared into the background after Zari joined the group. Oh well🤷🏾

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 8 Review | Sfiso said what now?!

Hands up if you feel that the content from the Nambiti trip was boring. From the episode you’d think that the ladies went out there to be catty and mean to each other and no fun was had whatsoever. I don’t know who’s editing (I could look it up but don’t feel like it) this show this season and what their agenda is but me no likey!

There’s a pattern on Twitter that I am getting sick off, of painting LaConco as a bully and absolving Nonku of any and all wrongdoings. Saying Jojo is spoiled when she’s feeling guilty about leaving her hubby unwell at home was mean-spirited in my view. Saying she delayed Nothile’s damages because Sifiso had told her that marrying Ayanda was a mistake and it’s her he really wanted, was insensitive, far-fetched if not down right delusional.

I will be the first to admit that Nonku’s messiness, unhealed trauma, foul mouth and ‘speak before you think’ attitude is reality TV gold but that should not be the reason for dragging Ayanda’s name through the mud when she’s not even there to defend herself.

Also, do you all notice the Shaunie O’Neil tendencies in Sorisha? Keep your eyes open!

Episode 8 of #RHODurban wasn’t it for me.

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 7| Air vs Road

The wives plus Londi
The spinsters

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 girls trip to Nambiti didn’t start off on a good note for some.

For context, Ladysmith is about 3-4 hours drive from Durban. How people can get stuck for 5 hours is beyond me! If production instigated it, I would be disappointed because it didn’t give us any usable content really.

Mabusi had brought a cooler box, the girls should have just partied it up. Having traveled the 8 of our 9 provinces extensively, I know a thing or two about car troubles and other things that do go wrong on a road trip. Having the right mix of travel companions is key to making the trip drab or fab!
Margaret and I once lived on bags of ice for a week (because someone delayed travel advances on purpose to inconvenience certain individuals at work) in sunny Limpopo but ended up having so much fun though.

The married ladies got to fly to Mnambithi thanks to uncle Viv and then boom, Londi dropped the bomb that only Sorisha and Thobile were getting rooms at the lodge along with her and the nanny. She got shaded about not being able to pull strings😂😂😂

When the spinsters finally arrived, no welcome drinks were served. Londi hit them with the bad news of Lions Valley, which is only 32km from Nambiti hills. Tired and defeated as they looked, there were NO chilled face cloths for them either… 🙄

The show had to go on, and they got ready for the pj party.
@letitrainfilms is shaaaady🌲🌳 uMrs Mseleku thought she was sexy af laphayana! Londi said something about expecting LaConco to wear cotton, not satin🤔😔

The spinsters were still mad about not being chosen to fly with the married ladies and Sorisha successfully defended herself with a bit of sass added in.

Jojo is obsessed with Nonku yazi, even told her parents about her😂. She’s got so much airtime in this episode. She shaded Annie about being ambitious in decorating her house, and then she annoyed me with her clowning during the isiZulu lesson.

Jojo is starting to annoy me manje. Nonku is trying to carry this show all by herself & then Jojo tells her to shut up. She wasn’t even talking to her 🙄

Mabusi’s bringing us tea next week, I hope😜
What’s the word on the streets girl?

Xenophobia, Afrophobia, Operation Dudula| How do we move forward?

By uunpacking the problem /issue first, duh! 🙄

Not so easy to do, with all this walking on eggshells, tiptoe dancing of political correctness and avoiding being labeled the ‘x’ word.

This ppainful reminder of our past should never be erased from memory.

Frankly, I’m so tired of people acting like they don’t know where our issues stem from in this country. (In a nutshell) Apartheid through Group Areas Act and other policies saw darkies being condemned to places like Alex, piled on top of each other, with minimal resources. The crabs in a bucket mentality has been cultivated successfully and over many generations.

What happens when you increase the number of poor people in an under-resourced area, where there’s already competition for the scarce resources? What exactly did we expect would eventually happen?You must check our well off African brothers and sisters in Sandton, Fourways, Waterkloof, Pretoria East, Umhlanga… Nobody is bothering them.

Why not? Nobody’s perceiving them as a threat to anyone’s means of survival. In fact, bluntly put, they are providing jobs and other blessings to South Africans. They are a means to earning a living.

Am I being xenophobic by explaining what we all have observed and should understand by now? Why is this topic taboo? How are we ever going to resolve this if talking about it is not allowed?

#OperationDudula #PutSouthAfricaFirst came about because of the SAn government blue ticking citizens when they voice their concerns and labeling their demands as xenophobic.

Let’s try putting ourselves in the shoes of both groups and objectively consider both sides, and their respective plights. Dismissing one group, whilst siding with another will further exacerbate the situation.

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 6| Intervention gone wrong

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 6 dropped this morning and right off the bat Thobile and LaConco met. The editing let us down here unfortunately, I think @letitrainfilms is instigating drama with this choppy editing.

Thobile was expecting to have a good time, whereas LaC wanted to get to the bottom of what happened at Vuma FM, which MaKhumalo “doesn’t remember” at all. 🤔

LaConco had a workout session with Londie & briefed her about Thobile’s supposed amnesia. That workout looked kick ass.

Annie gathered her minions to plan Nonku’s intervention. The naivete of the 2 newbies to confront a person they barely know about her drinking 🙄. Nonku came red eyed and all. She did not take the intervention kindly and let them know in no uncertain terms. Mrs London as Jojo calls her needs to learn to stop involving herself in shady situations.

Sorisha showed us her fabulous shoe and bags closet, when Thobile went to visit her. Later she hosted Thobile and Musa. Viv was there this time and Thobile remembered that she she’s a bubble person 🙄. She came into the show for proximity to Sorisha and Viv, now that it’s done I wouldn’t mind if she exited. Hhai kabi!

Siya’s Life Coaching session with Nonku became about the queen and her ex husband. Again, why are we made to watch this? Could have given us more from Thobile and LoConco scene instead.

Jojo hosted a pool party and as per usual, LaC was first to arrive. Loved the pow wow between her and Londie. Jojo and Londie caught up the other ladies about the intervention flop before a 🔥 HOT Nonku made her entrance.

Petalgate happened and saw Annie and Nonku hating on LaConco. #jealousy. Londie announced the group trip to Nambiti hills! MaKhumalo arrived amid the excitement and had to be caught up about it. I honestly think that she’s given a wrong call time for the group events. Why else would she come late? Could she be pulling an Ayanda Ncwane perhaps? 👀

I am looking forward to the trip, it promises to be lit!

Until next week, ciao!