The best guest house in Secunda!

Review of Dormio Manor Guest Lodge, Secunda – Mpumalanga

I have travelled and stayed in many guest houses but none compares to Dormio Manor. It is in a quiet neighbourhood. The rooms are nicely decorated with clean linen. I have stayed in different rooms at this guest house but I loved the penthouse the best. It is safe, there’s stringent security measures. That’s very important in South Africa. The breakfast is great. The staff are very friendly and helpful. It’s not far from the new Shopping Mall.

Room Tip: Ask for the Penthouse suite!
  • Stayed: September 2015, travelled on business

Review of Grey Goose Game Lodge

Unexpected oasis in Newcastle, KZN

Reviewed 17 November 2015
We were only in Newcastle for 2 days after a rough 3 days in Bulwer. We enjoyed our stay, farmstyle (it’s a real farm with traces of sewage stink – keeping the bathroom door closed does the trick). Seeing the rabbits and the Zebras was the highlight of our stay. It was a quiet and relaxing environment. The only improvements I’d suggest would be to put bar fridges and free wifi in the rooms. The staff were very helpful and friendly.

Stayed: November 2015, travelled on business

Stunning! A Review of Mountain View Country Inn

From the decor to the hospitality and the food, this place is truly special. There isn’t much of a town to explore but this place makes it worth the visit. Beautifully furnished antique style. This place is cute in a quaint sort of way. I enjoyed staying here, the daily trek from here to Mlamli village and back was well worth it.
  • Stayed: December 2014, travelled on business

Tides knows fish!

A 2015 review of Tides seafood restaurant in Hazyview.

I always enjoy the seafood at Tides. It always buffles me though that they close so early whilst their sister restaurant stays open ’til late. The staff is always so friendly. Great food and great atmosphere overall.
This review is from 20 November 2015. Tides has since moved. The Fick family knows hospitality and food. You gotta give them that!

A review of Tatenda Guesthouse, Hazyview

How safe is it???

My first and hopefully very last time staying at Tatenda. The moisquitoes and dodgy cleaning techniques (no broom & no mop?) aside, how could you fail to provide complimentary tea/coffee for guests? The dull bed linen and towels, toilets that don’t flush(no joke, there were 2 * 10 litres water bottles in the bathroom for flushing). The breakfast was so minimal and lightly scotched. We stayed 4 nights and had to endure the same boring egg and bacon everyday. There is no security guard, I was always so scared about our safety.
  • Stayed: October 2015, travelled on business
  • I truly hope that the security features have been upgraded!

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa – A Review of Pretoria Zoo

“Even better on a golf cart”
I have visited Pretoria zoo so many times since moving up to Pretoria. It is gorgeous and huge! If you want to enjoy this beauty and still have the energy to run around with the kids, book a gold cart. You might have to wait for like an hour for it but well worth it! What’s even better is that you can have a lekker braai and picnic with your family or buy some fast food at the many outlets found within the zoo. Also the photoshopped photos are a perfect momento for all our zoo visits. Checkout other reviews of Pretoria zoo by clicking on the link below.

Review of Union Buildings

How ironic is it that I have an unobscured view if the Union Buildings from the spectacular balcony of my penthouse flat in Central Pretoria. (Just had to blow that horn!!!) 
So I have visited the Union Buildings numerous times with friends and family, visiting Pretoria. The Union of South Africa era was not exactly an inclusive period in our history, I had titled this TripAdvisor review “Too many ‘old South Africa’ reminders” and I stand by this title. A mere statue of Nelson Mandela will not change my opinion and observation.
This is how it went: “The grounds are very well-manicured! The steps are great for exercising and the view from the parking lot is great. I’m not too crazy about all the apartheid era memorabilia”. I feel like I should have added #JustSaying

Best Hotel in Pretoria!

Back in 2015, I wrote about the Manhattan Hotel. I have not been to the hotel since then, so things may have changed. This was my experience back in 2015:
“My short stay at Manhattan was pleasant and relaxing.
With all the comforts of a 5 star hotel; gym; spa; buffet meals and pristine rooms, I felt like a princess. If you are ever in Pretoria, South Africa – give them a try.
Stayed: May 2015″
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Nothing to write home about – A TripAdvisor post about Khayalami – Nelspruit

So in April 2018, I travelled with two Afro-centric colleagues to Nelspruit. I was so excited that we were booked at a black-owned establishment!

Read all about it in my trip advisor review below:

“We stayed at Khayalami in Nelspruit. We had paid for our accommodation two weeks in advance but upon check-in we had to produce proof of payment before they could check us in.
The place is well-built, the rooms are specious. With a more attentive and friendly staff complement, it can only add value. My advice to the owner is to get experienced, qualified and professional front of office, booking and accounts personnel to make for a pleasurable, seamless and stress-free checking in experience. The wifi was not working the entire time we were there.
The aircons and curtains need a serious intervention, the curtains don’t fit those big beautiful windows and the aircons were leaking so much water that I feared for the electrical wiring and electronics in the room.
The breakfast was the biggest let down for me. Rubbery eggs and squash is not what I was expecting.
Room Tip: Request a room with a balcony for the best views of the rising sun!
Stayed: April 2018, travelled on business”

My take home here is:
1. Owner-managed lodges function best (The next best thing is getting hospitality-
trained employees)
2. Staff training and supervision is crucial in ensuring that standards are set and adhered to
3. A smile doesn’t cost a thing!

The Sticky Business of Property

For as long as I could remember, I have always wanted to own property(ies). It is no child’s play I tell ya.

So let me start from the beginning. Early 2018, my significant other calls me besides himself with excitement about this steal: A four bedroom penthouse in the city centre at a very reasonable price. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. We arranged for a viewing, and we were taken, smitten with the place, excited and hopeful! The picturesque views of the city, all the way from the Union buildings; Arcadia; Sunnyside with Hatfield in the distance; the Telkom tower; UNISA… We fell in love with the property!

In our haste to outbid other potential buyers, we overlooked some pretty crucial elements to buying a property. Add a pathological liar for an estate agent to the mix, we found ourselves stuck in a money-pit. Property levies grossly underestimated by agent, I mean 75% higher than what the agent had estimated.

Just so we are clear, when I say money-pit I mean new windows, flooring, plumbing, cabinetry, fumigating, de-cluttering (more like clearing a dump) and cleaning. And when I thought the nightmare was over, a pipe bursts in the kitchen flooding the entire flat. Lets just say 2018 has given me a good smack across the face. As could be expected, having gone through this and many other stresses in this dreadful 2018 I haven’t had time or the energy to enjoy this wonderful property.

 *Mi casa*

2019 is gonna be the year, me and my penthouse live it up! That is my new year’s resolution. I’m about 30 days early I know.