Testing 123!

Hi there,

This is evidently my first blog. I have been toying with the idea of sharing my thoughts and observations with the world for a while now.

Because of my many passions and talents, I was undecided about what to write about. I love swimming; shopping; dreaming about shopping; window-shopping (yes I love shopping that much!); traveling; facebooking; tweeting; gadgets; photography….

Anyway, I am at the Evander Villas in Evander, Mpumalanga (South Africa). This place is a little overpriced. R695.00 per night. Poor service at Reception; old carpets with an indistinct stench; ancient tv units and air conditioners; the drilling and banging noises from the next room…
In their defence though, they have bottled water and little packets of tissues, oh and most importantly free Wi-fi 🙂

Frankly, this place could use a little upgrade. Not to contradict myself here, but I have stayed at ‘Pendora’ and ‘Diamond frost’ guest houses here in Evander and they simply don’t compare to Evander villas. I give this place 3/5