The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 4 Review| Mama Queen vs Annie

The queens of Durban

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 4 had no other mcimbi except for the black tie, polygamy mess.Why did Thobile keep people waiting for hours on end at the black tie event? Why couldn’t she just tag along with Jojo and Sorisha to Nonku’s party or to Jojo’s sip and see?Vivian and Musa already know each other. Question: why is Vivian so close to some well-known polygamists? What did LaConco say to Sorisha when they introduced konje? Glad we got to see Sorisha’s life this week, 2 toilets and all. I also want my own toilet yazi.Thobile and Sorisha’s dog walking was so awkward, when she sent Thobile to go get the stroller from the house, it felt like she was demeaning her. Sorisori must take Thobile under her wings hle.I’m getting trophy wife vibes from Kgolo and Annie’s body language and conversations yazi. When Kgolo didn’t translate for Annie, I was kinda surprised. Isn’t that how they do it at gatherings with extended family? 🤔It all made sense when he told her that she has to learn isiZulu. I would think that is something people discuss before saying their “I Do”s. Had LaConco been the one suggesting that Annie must learn isiZulu, people would’ve been up in arms. Annie would have been on some, “but you are not anybody’s wife.. “Jojo came through with the “shut up” when Nonku was busy generalizing. Nonku sounded drunk yazi. I quite enjoyed the quad biking scenes and the come to Jesus that Jojo and Nonku had in Hillcrest. Both have experienced abusive men and are not shy to share about it. I forsee a deep friendship brewing here!Was so excited to see Mabusi being introduced to Londie but the “I know your man from the streets” comment shattered my dreams of a fun trio, which I want so badly. LaConco explained that she’s not friends with Thobile and that Thobile giving her a cold shoulder at Vuma FM is the reason she’s not amuzed by her onscreen sweetness. Reminds me of what MaYeni once said about people putting on a show for the cameras.Londi needs a storyline & to not be dragged into Annie’s messiness. Mama Queen is a full cast member at this point🙆I hope Kgomotso is invited to the Halloween party, I wanna see umfazi kaOdwa bakithi😂

The Wife on Showmax Season 2 Episodes 1-3 Review

Zandile the Resolute about to be butchered by @Stainedglasstv1, We’ll watch and complain as usual.

The Wife Season 2 lackluster Episodes 1-3 dropped at 5am today.

Zandile resumes (or at least tries to) her duties as the matriarch of the Zulu family. The kids don’t remember her. I don’t know if I would like Zandile if the role was being played by anybody else. I love me some Khanyi Mbau!

The story is no longer about Hlomu and Mqhele’s relationship, thank God. The attitude Zandile is giving Hlomu and the ganging up with Mandisa against Hlomu is so familiar. Relationships between omakoti unfortunately are oftentimes like this. Would it kill women folk to support each other and be grateful if someone has stepped up to raise your children in your absence?

If Mandisa is such a good friend, why didn’t she raise Zandile’s children?

Anyway, Qhawe’s still pining for Hlomu and I can’t wait for Naledi to come into his life. I am gonna try to forget about Zandile the resolute, the book and just enjoy the show.

The sex scenes were over the top as usual. I have no desire to see people’s body parts at 5 in the morning, ake nime kancane👎. Thank you for being here to hear my two cents worth. Until next week, keep well.

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 3| Black Tie Boredom

The chopped up Episode 3 of Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 dropped this morning at 5am. Whose idea was this 5am crap @showmaxonline, midnight worked fine last year. Why fix what’s not broken?

The editing of the little scenes wasn’t to my liking. At the sip and see, MamakaLondie with her little speech was so cringe, there’s nothing wrong with speaking your Mageba Mama.

LaConco showered the baby with Randela’s! Ingane iyakhungwa, I am surprised that Nonku didn’t bring any money for the baby. It’s our culture after all. Jojo offered for her hubby to serve the ladies, which is not how Zulus operate. That created a bit of friction between her and LaConco.

Jojo’s annoyance with LaConco and LaConco dissing Thobile caught me by surprise, angifuni ukungasho. Jojo dissed LaConco’s mint water and salad (yes, I caught that shade!). LaConco has a beautiful home though 👌

As usual everyone was eager to know who LaConco is dating and who she’d bring to the blacktie event. This obsession is not making sense to me. I had secretly hoped for her to make Mabusi her plus one.

Annie and Nonku tried to have a come to Jesus after their uneventful, down right boring paintball shooting sketch but both are not really ready to let this petty little beef go just yet. To be honest, I prefer this squabble to mama Jack, the queen and her outrageous costumes.

I am not sure how Thobile is going to integrate herself into this group. I feel like the lateness/ grand entrance at her black tie event was off putting and over the top. I hope LaConco’s relationship with MaYeni is not going to interfere with Thobile’s Housewives journey.

We saw very little of Sorisha this week. She has no storyline vele. So far, we’ve had 4 events. We must just accept that the Durban franchise is structured this way. Looking forward to more events.

Until next week, ciao!

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 2 Review| Thobile’s debut

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 2| Another event #RHODurbanS2E2 #RHODurban

It seems like a continuation of Season 1, with each episode being an event of sorts.

Who told production that we’d be interested in Nonku’s parents’ issues? Mina, I want to see less mom Queen and more Thobile Mseleku, don’t know about other people.

Imagine LaConco, Londie, Mabusi and Thobile chilling together bezikhininda bezithamunda ngoMageba…🕯️SBWL those types of scenes.

Tweeps were so mean about the scene of Thobile with Musa eMzumbe, to the point of dissing her decor and her serving Musa juice on a tray. The perception that rural women don’t deserve certain things is so outdated. I think as much as people have signed up for reality tv, they remain human beings with feelings and dignity, which should be respected.

Annie and Nonku are really not getting along and LaConco’s comment about Annie’s cake decoration being a good representation of the energy she gives off was spot on. That cake was a mess.

Sorisha must own her shade this season. This thing of Nonku-inspired cake decoration was shady af. Jojo shaded Londie’s #fame and was unapologetic about it, that’s what Sorisori should do.

The complaints about isiZulu is ridiculous and very telling, in my opinion. I mean, these ladies have had black nannies, gardeners, maids, school mates, colleagues who speak isiZulu all their lives. Why haven’t they learned the language?

Speaking of isiZulu, LaConco is really opening up to the other cast members. I think I’m going to love this friendship she’s developing with Londie, hopefully ukuphapha won’t get in the way. The question about Jojo’s tattoos was hilarious 😂, it left me wondering 🤔

Mabusi and LaConco’s friendship seems to have deepened and they are both so calm and mature. I like it.

I can’t wait to see how they receive MaKhumalo Mseleku into their circle.

Until next week, cheers 🥂

My take on The Wife on Showmax Episodes 38-40| Prison Break

I can’t wait to see Khanyi Mbau and Mondli Makhoba deliver couple goals on season 2

Greetings to all of you who take your time to read and watch my posts, I truly appreciate you.

I’m so fed up with this story, I actually waited until loadshedding at 16h00 to watch it. They took sis Dudu’s book and butchered it so callously.

I wish I had never read the books. I envy the people who are seeing this story with a fresh eye and not comparing it with the book.

The Wife Episodes 38-40 on @showmaxonline filler scenes are so annoying, why can’t they be about the past. Show us some childhood memories of the main characters or something @stainedglasstv1. Please remove the gogo and mkhulu characters next season, it’s enough 🙆🏿

Nqoba defending and protecting Mandisa after she did the unspeakable (& unquleble) of firstly burning the moola and then killing the commissioner’s wife was sweet to watch. When he tried to beat up Mqhele, I felt his conviction about not raising a hand to a woman.

Mandisa is not appreciated for the things that she does for the family. I think that the storyline has been consistent in showing the audience how she’s disregarded. It’s probably because of how she and Nqoba met. She doesn’t make the best decisions yena overall nje.

Drunk Hlomu was executed perfectly, Mbali can act guys! I found myself being a bit judgmental and apathetic towards her and the pain that she has subjected herself to. The wine and knife on either hands were perfect props. Good job to the team. Hlomu’s holier than thou image and status is officially over. It’s 2 down, 5 to go on the 7 men she asked Mqhele about, in front of all the brothers 😂

I found myself feeling sorry for Mqhele when he realized that the blood he had on his hands after beating Hlomu was because of the miscarriage that he had caused. He broke his own heart. Kuthiwa ohlaba eyakhe akakhuzwa (if you kill your own children, nobody will stop you).

Hlomu doing the nasty with Qhawe threw me and it was so uncomfortable to watch. We didn’t need to see Kwenzo’s dark bums, yho hhai bakithi and all the feathers on the bed…

So glad the person who caught Hlomu and Qhawe was Langa.

The biggest heist of the season went without a hitch! Zandile is out, prison break style.

This is my 2 cents worth y’all!

The Wife on Showmax Episodes 34-36 Review| Zyakhala kuMqhele

Speak to any Zulu guy with older brothers and they will tell you that the best way to discipline a person is to beat them up. Trying to convince them of other options is pointless. Babomncane tells me this all the time and says we coddle our brothers too much, they just need a good beating.

The Wife on @showmaxonline delivered episodes 34-36 as per usual on Thursday morning and it was a step up from last week’s nonsense. The time-wasting granny and grandpa storyline is still there, for what good reason, nobody knows.

This series should have been titled “the brothers”. The Zulu brothers are always reminding us how family should look out for each other. Qhawe and Nqoba came through for the family. Qhawe by exposing Mqhele’s Baby Jake tendencies and Nqoba for gifting Nkosana the cash required to set Zandile free.

The editing was on point👌when Hlomu and Sandile were being intimate whilst Mqhele was receiving his punishment. Hlomu finally got her sweet revenge.

Sandile made sure to mark his territory with love bites. I am shocked that Mqhele saw Hlomu and Sandile kissing and didn’t get enraged. He is finally growing or perhaps he is scared that his brothers will shambok him all over again.

Real talk though, with all the money Hlomu got from her father, a miscarriage would have been a turning point for many women. She is staying with her monster of a husband not because of money (she has a job, money and no children). Why is she making herself a doormat? What is she getting in return? Perhaps the question shouldn’t be directed at Hlomu but @stainglasstv1. The love story we have seen is not convincing.

Mandisa burning the millions in January nogal was hard to watch yho. I need that money myself. What Xhosa woman burns a stash of cash like that? Millions? I do not buy this storyline! She wanted to go to Swaziland. Nqoba could have just given her R10k for her “Bhuti Ringo” concert.

I have a problem with how Nqoba treats Mandisa. She’s disrespected and disregard. She needs to learn how to channel her anger.

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Episode 1| Miss Universe and the queen are shameless

Season 2 of Real Housewives of Durban is here!

Who’s new in Season 2

A singer, the wife of a famous polygamist and a TikTok sensation according to Showmax.

Londie London

Londie London’s decision to join The Real Housewives of Durban was sparked by her return to Durban and her becoming a wife to businessman Hlubi Nkosi and mom to a 10-month-old baby boy, Uminathi.

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku

Thobile is no stranger to the public eye. In addition to her appearances on Uthando Nes’thembu, she’s a radio personality on Vuma FM and an in-demand motivational speaker, among other things.

Jojo Robinson

The wife of Durban businessman and former South African kickboxing champion Calven Robinson, Jojo is a tattoo fanatic, artist, and mother to her six-year-old son, Rocco

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 dropped this morning on @showmaxonline and the Christmas tree aka mama Williams gaslit us and called Ayanda’s hurt fake. WTF?!

The apple indeed doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Nonku was singing from the same hymn book as ‘the queen’. These people are sociopathic. Miss Universe mustn’t use Ayanda in absentia for a storyline, she just mustn’t. Thobe made an appearance but Mabusi was clearly not invited, ouch. I hope Mabusi’s not taking any bs from anybody this season.

Loving Londi and Jojo so far! Londi’s relationship with her mom is what most of us dream about.

Where’s Thobile kanti? I was expecting to see her at the Neon /Spring has sprung picnic. Can we talk about Nonku’s hosting skills or the lack thereof and Mr Asparagus – the bartender. Thank God KG was not there to sulk and ruin the event.

Everyone is still tripping over themselves to be close with Sorisha as before. Sorisha is not as sweet as people make her out to be. That gossiping scene with Annie didn’t sit well with me.

LaConco is finally opening up, letting us into her life. Her brand is growing and she is determined to succeed. I like that in a woman. She talks like a Mzobe, I used to laugh at my mom for it. I know that’s where JZ got it from and it rubbed off on LaConco 😂

I am still not sure why Annie is back, let’s see if she will be bringing anything to the show this season.
Can’t wait for next Friday!
#RealHousewivesOfDurban #RHODurbanS2E1

The Wife on Showmax Episodes 28-30 Recap & review | More deaths

The underwhelming episodes 28-30 of The Wife on showmax dropped this morning.

In a nutshell, Vilakazi aka Dlakadla is dead. Nkosana didn’t even flinch when he shot him. Zandile is mad that it took Nkosana two weeks after the funeral to muster the courage to tell her about Mvelo’s passing. With the whole saga dominating the news, somehow inmates didn’t spread the news. Okay that’s believable. I was happy to see Khanyi though!

Zandile wants to be released from prison ASAP. The Zulu brothers have raised R65 million so far, the commissioner wants his R80m in full. The unnecessary affair between Nqoba and the commissioner’s wife was totally unnecessary but it demonstrates the shenanigans that go on with these high profile individuals.

Hlomu forgot to apply for a visa and went partying with her twin and friends. She then discovered that she was pregnant but before she could break the news to Mqhele, he beat the pregnancy off her. Told her he loved her as he washed the blood off his hands.

Mahlomu believing that Mqhele will never beat her up again, just because he promised is so naive. At least they put a GBV warning/ disclaimer this time. We need to engage about this #GBV problem deeper and more seriously. Are you ready for that conversation fam?

I am so ready for Naledi and Zandile stories, to be honest this Hlomu/Mqhele storyline is trash.

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 is loading…| Let the tomato throwing begin!

Let the tomato throwing begin! #RHODurban#LaTomatina
Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Durban is set to return on the 28th of January 2022, only on @showmaxonline.

Mabusi is still a ‘friend’ but we remain hopeful, even Marlo (RHOA) eventually got her peach!

Personally I would have liked Gugu Khathi or Zanele Mbokazi to be part of the cast but I ain’t mad about MaKhumalo Mseleku joining the cast. I don’t know the other two ladies (Jojo and Londie) but I look forward to seeing them and learning more about them.

KG and Ayanda are no longer main members of the cast. I am so glad Ayanda didn’t sign up for more abuse.

Retaining their full cast member statuses are LaConco (now also presenting a tv show!), Sorisha (who hasn’t showed us her work life yet), Anne (just like Robin (RHOP) still don’t know what she brings to the show) & Nonku Williams (Miss “tell all” herself, I just hope her mom is not featured this season. She is too much!)

I am gonna miss Ayanda’s confessionals and Phupho’s over the top style, angifuni ukungasho.

Mnakwethu Happily Ever After¿ is back

These men wanted isithembu (polygamy) & this is what they got!

The TV gods won’t let Zulu people rest. We’ve just survived Musa Mseleku’s disintegrating family and Syacela for crying out loud now the likes of Dulas with a new fan-turned-girlfriend are back on our screens. New season, same old BS!

Mnakwethu Happily ever after¿ is back for season 2 and Samantha is already spilling ALL the beans on herself. There’s Qondanisa, Diaz and Diaz’s brother now. She’s staying at a house rent free, has graduated from ephehlweni and has her own initiates. She’s pregnant and unsure who the father of the baby is. She miscarried Qondanisa’s child, who is not accepted by the underground gang, in spite of having paid lobola for her. Issa movie I tell you. Perhaps she should join izangoma zodumo, along with Mbeje.

Mbeje down in Ndwedwe got busted for allegedly using muthi (love potion) on Philile Vilakazi, and he thought she was avoiding his calls because he failed to buy a jojo tank for her. He admitted that he does have love potions in his dumba but only uses them when a woman has shown signs of being a player. Hahahaha!

Mbeje is adamant that Philile will be back next year, MaDanca on the other hand is feeling a bit pushed aside because Mbeje hasn’t finished paying her lobola, and she had to learn how to do things the Zulu way, since she is Xhosa but little miss slay queen is exempted from any and all roughness of the bundus.

It turns out Qondanisa also has a 3rd woman in his life, with a baby. It must be a maskandi thing. He wants a paternity test on Samantha’s child, which is totally justified in my view.

MaMchunu on the other hand is still holding on, waiting to contract diseases evidently. She’s building her own house in her brother’s name somewhere independently of Qondanisa. The Proverbs 31 woman we saw last season has disappeared and a smart, calculating and savvy woman is emerging.

Bheki and his mom are trying to salvage what’s left of their image and I am not sure if they are succeeding. MaShelembe hasn’t been featured so far, but according to the husband they’re fine. Yeah right!

The other 2 new guys featured this season haven’t said or done anything noteworthy. Stay tuned for more…

I can’t wait to see how the Mbeje story ends.

I hope you have enjoyed my take on the 1st 2 episodes of this season. I appreciate your continued support.