The Wife on Showmax Episodes 25-27 Review

The wine and grief-induced truce between Mandisa and Hlomu warms my heart!

What an emotional ending to season 1 of The Wife on @showmaxonline. I don’t know why I am not hopeful for episodes 28-30 next week.

Episodes 25-27 dropped this morning and I swear it was like I was in an onion-cutting factory. Ukubingelela inxiwa ngeshluku esinje pho? Did they even spiritually cleanse their parents? Can @stainedglasstv1 please show us a scene where they at least discuss such.

I don’t deal well with grief and the impeccable acting was so convincing that for a second my mind wandered into the painful things that we try so hard to suppress because of the debilitating pain it evokes. People say and do things in anger and grief that can’t be taken back or reversed. How do you start the healing process if the words that were said in anger still pierce the heart and hurt so much?

Anyway, somebody please give Zikhona Sodlaka her flowers already. She killed her role as Mandisa. The backstory to Mandisa is heartbreaking. She had family in her life when it was time to accept lobola and damages but one has to wonder how she ended up living a rough life of prostitution. Where was her so called family then?

Jabu’s parents, grief-stricken as they were didn’t need to take it out on Sambulo. That just compounded his pain and grief.

Mqhele’s way of dealing with pain though! I hope none of my married friends are going through such abuse and enduring for the sake of being married. Why is Hlomu so determined to stay in an abusive relationship? What would possess a woman to make herself a sacrificial lamb?

Nqoba’s turn to lead has come. His instincts are sharp and on point. Nkosana needs to step back and mourn his son. Zandile’s absence can’t be easy for him. The Zulu brothers need to stop trusting and relying on outsiders. I can’t wait for Nqoba and Sambulo to take the reigns and avenge the family, since Nkosana is now talking peace and reconciliation.

The hugging between brothers and the support they gave each other was wonderful to watch. South African actors and actresses are super talented. I still feel like the writing could be improved. No amount of talent in an actor can make up for a weak storyline. If we took writing seriously in this country, we could achieve great things in the storytelling side of things.

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4 Reunion Part 3 Review

LAMH Original cast

After watching the disgraceful manner in which Tisha’s mom behaves, I was disappointed on how the show has just become trashy. OWN should seriously consider dropping it, it has become too toxic for my liking.

Thank God my mom wasn’t a nosey person, I can’t imagine fighting your daughter’s former friend’s mother over something that doesn’t even concern you one bit.

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4 Reunion Part 3 was still about Mel and to some lesser degree Martel. He tried to grab attention whenever he could. I can’t imagine how being married to each other must have felt like for the Holts. Their negativity is so repulsive.

The Scott ladies and their forced friendship 🙄 ugh. I feel like, if you are not vibing well with someone, you should just leave them alone. Latisha is so needy and Kimmi is clearly over it. Talking about ‘if they were not family, they wouldn’t be friends’ reminded me of Toni Braxton.

When Destiny and Tiffany were trying to address their issues, why did Mel jump in? Why does she feel the need to shelter Tiffany? I hope when she gets to watch the reunion part 3 episode, she will be able to see what Destiny’s been complaining about all along.

I didn’t know the tea about a relationship between Mel’s mom and Marsau’s brother, which Marsau confirmed matter of factly. Marsau suddenly becoming transparent was something else😂😂😂. The truth shall set you free brother!

The Wife Episodes 22-24 Review | The big ambush – Majola Brothers strike back

Zulu traditional weddings are all about inyongo (bile juice) nomabo, not cake, decor, speeches and attires. I have to thank the people of stained glass tv for giving respect to Zulu tradition in this respect. So many times we get invited to traditional weddings, only to find that it’s just a party.

The Wife Episodes 22-24 on Showmax left me heartbroken for Sambulo and angry about Mvelo and Mpande. Why couldn’t it be Mqoqi, Mandisa and Lerato catching bullets?

The building of their beautiful home was quick hey. That heist-money gets things done! I wouldn’t trust my enemies to recommend a contractor for the construction of my home though. Nkosana treated the Majola brothers according to his own heart and not their vengeful, deceitful hate-filled hearts.

Sambulo is a completely different person when he is with Jabu. A mooshy teddy bear. I wish we had seen more of their relationship. I hope retrospectively they will show us how they met, when she got introduced to Hlomu, etc.

Bitter Mandisa’s pot-stirring annoyed me to the max. Her issue is with Nqoba basically but she projects it to Hlomu and is hell-bent on destroying her relationship with Mqhele. Not that Mqhele needs anyone’s help wrecking his marriage.

Being the matriarch of the family, Hlomu had to run around preparing for her own wedding, when she was supposed to be back home, eating umncamiso and chilling with the women of the bekezela brigade.

Hlomu’s father giving her a bag full of cash (her dowry, basically) to make a run for it, should she need to, was the sweetest, most heartbreaking thing to witness. It’s totally something that I could do in her father’s position.

Hlomu didn’t even get time to ponder on her father’s gesture before the ambush by the Majola brothers. I can’t wait to see Sambulo wipe them out once and for all.

Season 2 promises to be lit! We are rushing through the story so much, I just wish we could have filler episodes of the things that haven’t been shown like lobola negotiations, construction, Hlomu bonding with the kids, Mqhele’s baby momma…

The action and acting were on point as usual. These people are damn good at their craft! 24 episodes in, I’m still hooked.

The Wife Episodes 19 – 21 Review | Mbuba Village

Ladies and gentlemen, herewith my thoughts on The Wife episodes 19-21.

The Wife Episode 19 opened with Mqhele waking up in bed alone. For the first time since the series started, I wished that they could deviate from the books and for Hlomu to break free. The note she left him was so primary school, it made me think of how tore up our jotters would look just a month into the school year, every year.

The things some women are willing to endure supposedly in the name of love are beyond me. Hlomu’s favorite color must be red, for all the red flags she ignores. Perhaps she’s color blind🤔

As an apology to Mahlomu for pointing guns at her on her wedding day, the Zulu bros decide that they are going back home to Mbuba to rebuild their childhood home.

Is anybody else annoyed that Dlakadla, the Majola and the Zulu brothers are all from the same village in KZN? I mean KZN is huge! It shares borders with Eastern Cape, Lesotho, Mozambique, Eswatini, Mpumalanga and Free State but all these people are from Mbuba…not Wembezi, Bhobhoyi, Ngome, Nkandla or Ncalu? Wow!

These episodes were painful to watch. If it weren’t for the ‘Jozi accents’, it would have been so believable. The little dudes and their parents are good actors. The mother choosing her husband over the kids is counter intuitive to say the least. Maybe it’s this self-sacrificing tendency that makes Hlomu, makoti of the year in their eyes.

That horrible sex scene had me triggered. And Hlomu telling herself to just be strong made me mad. I don’t care what you are going through in life, taking it out on your wife (especially in a sexual way) is not the solution. That is GBV!!! Let women willingly consent to rough sex, don’t just use them as punching bags. That goes for izesulamsizi too, some people use women to cleanse (topic for another day). It’s toxic stereotypes about marriage and the bekezela brigade that won’t let women live their best lives who help normalize abuse of women in our society.

You have to admire the unity amongst the brothers though, in spite of the personality differences. I wish all families could learn to pull together and yield to each other. We can’t all be leaders all the time, some of us must follow sometimes. Being a follower shouldn’t mean not having a voice. It also should not be misunderstood as stupidity.

I also felt that the issue of ‘the struggle for liberation’ and the role of gun smugglers in the struggle needs to be expanded on. The unintended consequences is what ultimately got the Zulus killed according to these episodes. The side agenda is the reason hundreds of people lost their lives in KZN in the 80s and early 90s, I’m glad to have survived but to be honest, there needs to be some way to get people to heal from all that killing and violence of that era.

Here’s a snippet of what’s coming up next on the show:

When are black folks reconciling with each other? The UKZN Healing of Memories program by Prof Philip Dennis was a great initiative, I wish the KZN and Gauteng Provincial government could organize the program to be rolled out in all the areas where people were massacred directly or indirectly by the apartheid government for their political views, affiliations and activism.

On that serious note, I wanna wish you a merry Christmas and a great new year ahead. May you find the courage to pursue whatsoever you wish in 2022.


Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4 Reunion Part 2 Review

Not Marsau throwing his brother all the way under the bus on Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4 Reunion Part 2! So, the focus was on… (drumroll please… ) Martell and Melody Holt as always until it came out that the husbands have hung out with the baby momma. Marsau confirmed it, whilst Maurice was denying it. The smirk on Martell’s face though!!!

The baby momma has since released some alleged receipt to push a certain narrative but this review is not about that situation.

Tiffany got schooled on transparency and her husband was told that he is an expert on divorce, not marriage. Dysfunctional as it is, Latisha and Marsau have been married for the longest time. I get their annoyance with everyone always giving them marital advice, which they really need.

Destiny’s story broke my heart. How do you divorce a new mommy three weeks after giving birth to your child? The fact that she didn’t even tell her friends what she was going through breaks my heart even more. I know how it’s like to go through stuff alone, that is why I try my best to be there for people. I try.

I hope part 3 is not going to be the Melody Holt show again. I am ready for the moms’ war of words on the next episode. This show belongs on Bravo, OWN must just let it go.

This is my 2 cents worth!

Thank you for reading, listening and watching. I truly appreciate it.

The Wife Episodes 16-18 Recap and Review

The Wife Episodes 16-18, everything culminated into a disastrous episode 18.Did you see the portrait of Zandile in the new house? I can’t wait to see Khanyi Mbau and Nkosana together!I am not sure how to feel about Nkosana’s autocratic leadership. Nqoba expressed exactly what I would feel if I was made to donate all my earnings for someone else’s wedding. But then again I didn’t see Nqoba running into the fire with Nkosana and Mqhele, so perhaps this gesture was justified.

Mandisa being compared to Hlomu was totally unfair. Also, how you treat your girlfriend will tell your family how they should treat her too. Nqoba has no respect for Mandisa and vice versa honestly, zero effs are given both sides.

Hlomu finally connected the dots and could make an informed decision, which she did. I don’t know if it’s love or fear that has the upper hand here. The wedding went ahead!

Personally, if you raise a hand at me, I’m out. I wouldn’t have waited to have a gun pointed at me. That hungry kid literally saved the day.

It may have been Hlomu’s wedding but Langa stole the show! The makers of this show are rushing through this Hlomu/Mqhele story and missing opportunities to expand the story and give a bit more meat to the bones.

The younger brothers wondering about their family history and the fires that seem to follow them was an important part of the story. It can’t be easy, living without a foundation and not allowed to ask questions about who you are and where you come from and what happened in your childhood.

I can’t wait to see Zandile the resolute! #thewifeshowmax #hlomuthewife #zandiletheresolute

Normal People Seasons 1 & 2| A Review

Normal People: This brilliant Irish series made me realize among other things that I have nothing against Irish people in general. Nothing against their accent even.

Set in Sligo and Dublin, the unfinished story of Marianne and Connell had me crying, smiling, psycho-analyzing myself and this 1 particular friend and then crying some more and asking myself “what if?” and all kinds of other questions. For most of the story these two are like two ships passing each other in the darkness of night. The assumptions and unsaid words are what complicates things. Sounds like real life huh!

Life can throw curveballs at us in unexpected ways and we’re not always prepared or even clear about the next move. There’s this friend of mine who is a great communicator and prayer warrior. We had great conversations last week and I even got the courage to admit that Mommy is gone and to let myself cry and feel everything that I have suppressed since 21 August 2021 at 15h13. Turns out the 5 stages can be paused, who knew🤷🏾

Cognizant of my tendency to lean too heavily on people, I have sort of been playing the ‘hey/hi’ game, but at the back of my head I know that I have a safety net in this friend. I have given myself permission to fall apart, knowing that if it ever gets too much…

But what has kept me up tonight/this morning is the fact that our friend (inherited her from our cousin Peni) is burying her 2nd child in the same year, both killed so brutally. {She got married when I was 13 years old. Royal blue was her wedding theme color. My brain retains information for the heck of it.} She loved my mom and thought very highly of her. I can’t imagine how much pain she is in right now. I don’t even know what to say to her and how I’m ever going to look at her without tears welling up in my eyes.

Being there for people doesn’t come natural to me, I am awkward like that. When I eventually reach out to people, it’s usually after a good number of drafts and some time after hearing the bad news. I think I might be on the spectrum, highly functional but still Atypical sort of. “I think”!

I should have started this caption with ‘dear diary’.

The Wife Episodes 12 – 15 Recap and Review | Dokotela uyaphapha🎵🎼🎶

The Wife episodes 13-15 on @showmaxonline was alright, no fireworks.

The annoying brother shot in episode 12 is alive and kicking. Loose mouth and all. How Hlomu hasn’t put 2 and 2 together is beyond me.

Mqhele and Hlomu got home to find a total disaster, his brothers removing a bullet from umaqinase. His disappearence during their last job, in which they got robbed caused his brothers to suspect him. To make things worse, he bought a new mini cooper for Hlomu. Qhawe had Mqhele’s back in this episode, so glad the beef between them is now history. Siblings ought to understand that we are all we’ve got in each other, especially when the parents are no longer alive.

Mqhele proposes to Hlomu at the taxi rank, where they first met. Whilst the Zulu brothers were out being romantic, Majola’s sons set the Zulu house alight. Not Nkosana sacrificing his own safety going inside a burning house to retrieve a bag full of cash. Imagine if all heirs took their responsibilities that seriously.

Things seem to be going well for the Majola brothers with new taxis and all. I am not sure if they have what it takes to win this war but time will tell. Vilakazi’s days as head of the taxi association are numbered, you cannot serve multiple masters at the same time. He’s juggling too many balls, which might backfire sooner than he thinks.

Hlomu goes home (where she’d been banished from in episode 12) for umemulo and Sandile the doctor is there acting like a mkhwenyana and wasting his hard earned money, only to be humiliated by odado bakaZulu with a backpack full of rolls of cash.

Money always manages to soften even the hardest of hearts.
Hlomu got her dad’s blessing to marry Mqhele because “he said he won’t do it again”! We’re never going to end GBV in this country, are we? 🙆🏿

I can’t wait for lobola negotiations. They mustn’t leave Nqoba out of the delegation.

It was heartwarming to see Hlomu’s mom putting makeup on Langa. We need to see narratives of black parents embracing who their children are.

The time is fast approaching when Hlomu would have to choose between her seemingly flourishing, promising career and this new family of hers. I know what I would choose, in her shoes.

These eventful episodes make me wish that they could stretch the story a bit. Umemulo came too soon, I would have loved to see Langa and mom beg Bab’Dladla to forgive Hlomu or the Zulu brothers talking to Mqhele to stop beating women up… But ke🤷🏾

I still maintain that a conversation needs to be had about GBV and the glamorization if not normalization of it in this show. I keep on checking if Sonke gender justice has broken the silence yet and nothing. Lawyers against abuse, please take this opportunity and teach our people, enlighten the nation about the unacceptability of GBV in all its forms.

All Hail Carlos King| Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4 Reunion Part 1 Review

If you want something done exactly your way, you best be rolling up your sleeves… That Carlos did not play with the cast of Love and Marriage Huntsville at the reunion. 😂 “he knows where all the bodies are buried”. Carlos hosted the reunion perfectly and did not let anything slide.

I loved how Mel, Kimmi and Maurice were the only ones that were excited to have Carlos as the host. If you have to duck and dive your way out of tough questions, then Carlos is not the best host for you.

Martel is such a douche though, saying “I’m not a cheater!” when there’s even a baby to prove that he is. Him and Mel are unfortunately both narcissistic and toxic af. They have a superiority complex that is reminiscent of Mariah Huq before Bravo did her dirty.

The remark about this show not being positive and uplifting anymore is very true, this whole season has been about the Holts. They literally ruined every group gathering with their constant bickering.

Can’t wait for Part 2 of the Reunion, it looks like Tiffany and Destiny are going to keep us entertained.

Making a mockery of black people | My gripe with Moja Love TV

The arrogance and disrespect towards ‘non-believers’ by bazalwane (the so-called born again Christians) displayed by people like Hloni Dlamini needs to be addressed. What in the colonized mind is this?

I found myself watching a repeat episode Giants of the City where cameras are brought to the graveyard where a sangoma is meeting with Hloni Dlamini’s family and she (sangoma) gets ridiculed, even when she requests for filming to stop, the cameras continue rolling.

Moja Love has got to stop making a mockery of black people and black culture. We can’t have a channel dedicated to turning black pain into entertainment and there’s a lot to be said about those who gladly run to the media with their baskets full of dirty laundry too. Whether you watch Mamazala, Rea tsotela, Lekunutu… the theme is the same.

When other channels run shows that poke fun at black people, we’re very quick to point out that it’s “moja love” content. It’s their brand.

Back to Hloni, the only reason for the cameras being there is because of her. Being the most boring of all the cast members, she had to ‘bring something to the table’ I suppose and she chose to disrespect the blood that runs through her veins.

Matthew chapter 1 gives us the genealogy of Jesus, mind you He is the son of God but His human side is still acknowledged. In Luke 24, when they discovered that Jesus had risen, they were visiting His grave. They weren’t just passing by.

When Hloni says she’s washed in the blood of the lamb and doesn’t need any further cleansing, that sounded all too familiar. You’d swear all 10 commandments of the Bible are about practicing our culture being wrong. Hloni (born again mzalwane) is trying to have a child with that shady boyfriend of hers (not husband) and has the audacity to turn her nose up on her own mother’s ‘bones’ as she calls it & at being cleansed. What does the Bible say about scoffers? 🤔

We saw a similar thing in the Real Housewives of Durban when Ayanda wasn’t going to cleanse after her mom’s passing. She is married anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

Not knowing and not caring where your mother is buried is bad, really bad. I don’t care if you think it makes you an archangel or saint or what🤷🏾

This nice nasty, chip on the shoulder attitude that bazalwane have is really unfortunate and very unchristian in my opinion. You can practice your beliefs without trashing or bashing other people’s beliefs and cultures.

We need to decolonize God. It’s time.