AmaBishop Episode 12 Review

Hello online friends. Hheyi! #AmaBishop  The Bishop Makamu episode showed us who these people really are. We saw flames🔥 Makamu fed us a half-baked story that makes no sense. He said that he had apologized to his wife and the girl’s family but then he did nothing wrong. He was asking for keys from the girl.Continue reading “AmaBishop Episode 12 Review”

Religion and Ancestors

“Missionaries did a number on us!” I twitted something to this effect on sunday after watching #AmaBishop episode 11. I am of the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I also believe that God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. What I do not believe is that the entirety of God’s beingContinue reading “Religion and Ancestors”

AmaBishop episode 10 Review| Pastors who are abusive in their own families

Hello online friends. Thank you for lending me your ears once more. Guys, what’s an armor bearer? I ask this because it seemed like everybody on AmaBishop episode 10 knew what an armor bearer was. Anyway, I said I was done with this show but today as I was minding my own business I cameContinue reading “AmaBishop episode 10 Review| Pastors who are abusive in their own families”

AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 6 Reaction: It runs in the family.

AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 6: It runs in the family.Tresford Bushiri (Durban) and Kemar Mkhize (Pietermaritzburg) were the alleged perpetrators on this episode. The young girl who got raped at 17 years of age detailed how the ‘man of God’ went about luring her in through facebook (promising to help her with her business), rapingContinue reading “AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 6 Reaction: It runs in the family.”