AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 8 Reaction

AmaBishop Episode 8: Fresh faces & familiar ones return. Phiri sat this one out .applause *Maponga as usual, asked the philosophical questions that have gone unasked for far too long. After Maponga left, the conversation was a bit more Faith-centered. The Zion Bishop uBab’Shabalala explained sacramentals perfectly. He impressed me today and I liked thatContinue reading “AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 8 Reaction”

AmaBishop Episode 7: “holy water”

It was the most boring episode so far. Makhado was there, telling the same old story he shared on Abafundisi and CRL commission, nothing new really.The anonymous person who was talking about water from mortuaries didn’t tell us who the alleged pastors are who use water that corpses have been bathed with as ‘holy water’,Continue reading “AmaBishop Episode 7: “holy water””

AmaBishop Episode 4 and 5 Reviews/Reaction

Tonight, we had back to back episodes, we found the first one by chance actually. AmaBishop Episode 4: “Should women be allowed to lead at church?” If someone were to tell us that God is white and heaven is for white people only, we would be up in arms yet men can tell us thatContinue reading “AmaBishop Episode 4 and 5 Reviews/Reaction”

AmaBishop Episode 2 Reaction| Sihle Sbisi drops files on Banda

Episode 2 of AmaBishop required no Bishops. They sat there in horror and disbelief as Sihle Sibisi told her story. And who comes up again as a ‘Papa’ of the (alleged) evil Banda? TB Joshua.Most of these so-called prophets have indirect if not direct links with this man.SA, are we that desperate for healing thatContinue reading “AmaBishop Episode 2 Reaction| Sihle Sbisi drops files on Banda”

AmaBishop S1:E1 Review| Night made!

Hello friends. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time with my words and opinions, I truly appreciate it. We have waited with bated breath for the premiere episode in this house & it delivered on the drama! Herewith my 2 cents in a nutshell: Too many issues for one episode! Too much timeContinue reading “AmaBishop S1:E1 Review| Night made!”