The Single Wives SA S1 E2 and 3 Review

I’m basically binge watching Single Wives Episode 2 and 3, thanks to my insomnia! I basically tried to binge watch the single wives. I am only on the 4th episode no, but I still need to complete the exercises. I am not looking forward to the online dating profile, in fact I have made myContinue reading “The Single Wives SA S1 E2 and 3 Review”

Single Wives SA Season 1 Episode 1

Please don’t laugh. I only discovered this show today and if you know anything about me, you ‘d know that I am a Mapaseka fan. How did I not know about this show for so long? The ladies (Angel Pather, Chantelle Thrupp-Snow, Genevieve Stander, Helen Zondo, Nikki Nell and Tori Celliers) are beautiful!!! From theContinue reading “Single Wives SA Season 1 Episode 1”