Healing of Memories Part 10| Bullying and suicidal thoughts

This is a story about my struggle to cope with bullying at home and at school and how I couldn’t handle kindness and caring, it felt strange to me. This is also a shout out to my crazy cousin and retired nurse, Mrs Khishiwe Ambrosia MaMzobe Duma. This is my beloved cousin uMrs Mbro Duma.Continue reading “Healing of Memories Part 10| Bullying and suicidal thoughts”

Healing of Memories Part 9:

First off, my first real job was in the church. A responsibility I took very seriously. I put in a lot of my personal time into it, especially when donor reports were due. See, I was a coordinator of one office according to my employment contract but in actuality I was coordinating 2 offices, doingContinue reading “Healing of Memories Part 9:”