The Wife on Showmax Season 2 Episodes 1-3 Review

The Wife Season 2 lackluster Episodes 1-3 dropped at 5am today. Zandile resumes (or at least tries to) her duties as the matriarch of the Zulu family. The kids don’t remember her. I don’t know if I would like Zandile if the role was being played by anybody else. I love me some Khanyi Mbau!Continue reading “The Wife on Showmax Season 2 Episodes 1-3 Review”

The Wife Episodes 16-18 Recap and Review

The Wife Episodes 16-18, everything culminated into a disastrous episode 18.Did you see the portrait of Zandile in the new house? I can’t wait to see Khanyi Mbau and Nkosana together!I am not sure how to feel about Nkosana’s autocratic leadership. Nqoba expressed exactly what I would feel if I was made to donate allContinue reading “The Wife Episodes 16-18 Recap and Review”